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Arkain and the sisters By Strega -- Report

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A problem arises when a predator (or predators) realize that you reform after being eaten.

Very shortly there will be an Arkain stretched out in each of two skunky lamia stomachs. That's a fairly hefty penalty for letting them get the drop on you, even if they don't decide to keep you around as a renewable food source. Unless you get off on having sharp-toothed jaws work their way over you again and again, sending you inevitably into the slimy chute of one gullet or another, maybe it's best not to reform at all. Or at least to reform at a nice safe distance.

This is a raffle pic for Arkain. It got delayed for various reasons but it is finally done. 83

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Posted by Morphy 3 months ago Report

Oh I dunno. Some beastkin might start to enjoy it... up to the point they begin to smother and their more animalistic side thrashes about to try and live as long as possible.

Trick is to not let that amulet get away or it'll be the /last/ time.


Posted by Ev0nix 3 months ago Report

What even counts as losing a magic item that only activates after one's death? Can't wear a necklace if there's no neck anymore. Perhaps if the guy takes it off early it'll reform him as he was when he was last wearing it even though he's still alive, a whole army could be generated. Weird things, interesting to speculate about.


Posted by Strega 3 months ago Report

Magic reformation items are fairly common in vote, and they are often necklaces for one reason or another. As long as you are wearing it when you are swallowed they seem to work.


Posted by Amnael 3 months ago Report

Or they turn it into a sport to see who digestes you for good first x3
Wonder if removing the amulet stops the reformation ... would be nice to tease with as you disappear into one feet first and the other dangles it in your face the whole time x3


Posted by Fischie 3 months ago Report

That is a really good idea. I might borrow it for a story.


Posted by Fischie 3 months ago Report

I adore how happy and beautiful Uvuzi looks while her jaws are displayed so eagerly.


Posted by doomed 3 months ago Report

Exactly , always reform at least 1 mile away