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The Stomach of the Void By Tsavo -- Report

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A cacophony of loud churns and gurgles echoed from the grand hall, as the giant, bloated gut resting within began to digest it's meal.

"Thank you, my servants, for the magnificent appetizer. Now, go and fetch my next course; I'm simply *starving*."

The greatly overweight elven master of that gut beckoned her servants forth, and they returned with yet another multitude of young, plump women; fresh initiates.
Upon seeing the greatly swollen organ lying before them, writing and squirming, pained and pleasured moans escaping from it's fattened mass, the new initiates were frozen in fear
standing motionless, until one brave young human stepped forward.

"Are those... the previous initiates in there? You told us your service would grant us eternal pleasure!"

"And you shall find it!" The overly engorged noblewoman replied, smacking her monstrous stomach. "Within the depths of my bowels~"

The woman stared at the mountain of fat and meat, before timidly speaking up again.

"What are you?"

The Mistress laughs haughtily.

"What am I, you ask?
An insatiable glutton;
Addicted to pleasure;
The Stomach of the Void."

"I am Xinotria, and I... hungry~"

At her words, the servants push the initiates forward to be devoured one by one, the fat elf's titanic tummy growing even more vast with each delicious gulp.

A commission for  Blarginated who also wrote this lewd little blurb accompanying it.

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Posted by doomed 4 months ago Report

it seems like a cult dedicated to her digestive tract lmao


Posted by Blarginated 4 months ago Report

You are very close to correct, actually.


Posted by BoobsButtBelly 4 months ago Report

The best kind of cult.


Posted by Blarginated 4 months ago Report

Magnificent! The fattest elf has never looked so good~


Posted by Brunobrano 4 months ago Report

You’ve been killing it lately with the multi prey / mass vore pics

fuck this is good


Posted by eheboiiii 4 months ago Report

same to you bro


Posted by Boo54000 4 months ago Report

Void, my favourite cosmic energy with the Word of Warcraft lore <3 Love this piece.


Posted by algog8 4 months ago Report

If getting her more food is a repeatable quest. I'd grind it.


Posted by Blarginated 4 months ago Report

This turn-in is endlessly repeatable; even beyond exalted~

Additional rewards include allowing you to touch the belly, and smooches with the possibility of being gobbled.


Posted by algog8 4 months ago Report

Even with millions of players grinding this?


Posted by Blarginated 4 months ago Report

Going to have one immensely fat elf.


Posted by MelonGRG 4 months ago Report

You're on roll lately


Posted by VincentShadowScale 4 months ago Report

sexy pics like this makes me wanna get stuff like this of my derg from ya sometime -u-


Posted by breasts 4 months ago Report

Tsavo your talent has only grown and grown!!! I'd love to work with you again!


Posted by Tsavo 4 months ago Report

Glad you still like my art after all these years!


Posted by Stalbon 4 months ago Report

An absolutely fantastic piece here. What a terrific belly! <3


Posted by Zoelovesguts 4 months ago Report

I wonder just how many extra meals she can hold in there, and just how long it will take them all to turn to mush


Posted by Blarginated 4 months ago Report

Double or triple that much - depends if she has any of her favorite lovers stuffing her. Big horny makes her more ravenous, and it would take days to digest it all.