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The Carter Family Market [2/3] By TheRealRD -- Report

A 2nd-person story where, after losing your job with no hope for the future, you go to work at your dad's supermarket. The Dolcett Act recently passed and he's eager to cash in on the human meat craze over Memorial Day weekend. But when his shipment of longpigs is delayed, your dad and brother offer you an insane amount of money to just pretend to be a meatgirl for the weekend to help drum up sales.

What could go wrong?

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Posted by Uri 7 days ago Report

I've been checking for they everyday and I'm not disappointed at all! I'm more par for the corse when the degradation is mostly focused on treating the girls like objects/meat but I'm not against humiliating them like this either!


Posted by KaiserDunk 7 days ago Report

I wonder how long until Cody winds up as a male longpig as well?


Posted by Badviper 7 days ago Report

I love this so much. I wish I could comment more helpfully, but aye. xP


Posted by kitvander 5 days ago Report

Holy hell another amazing chapter, I had this story on the brain while I was sadly indisposed from an internet connection.

Just really incredible work!


Posted by DarkSideOfTheSun 2 days ago Report

I have to admit, the story is way too mean for my general likes :/ I just can't help but feel bad for Beth. I'm kinda rooting for her to get away, but knowing where I'm writing this, I doubt she will. I just hope that someone that actually deserves her gets her!