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Proving The Haters Wrong By Rac0r -- Report

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As per usual, I'm always on time! Apparently tomorrow there's some august 8th thing-a-ling going on, well I'm too good for that sheeeettt so I'll post a DAY BEFORE! Look at me roll!

Anyways, more social media nonsense here with Tara. Hopefully you all enjoy and see ya down the line.

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Posted by Fleischeslust 1 month ago Report



Posted by dinoman514 1 month ago Report

Awesome. Looks like there are two victims in the comments lol


Posted by Hozomat 1 month ago Report

Threading the needle even more mhh? Good, good..~
I do enjoy the date being displayed. 8 days since her previous meal; I wonder if there's anything left in Tara's stomach for her new guest to find? ;)
That would make even hotter if the second prey was Allie from the last pic, looking for Courtney ^^


Posted by RedNastyFoxy 1 month ago Report

My gosh, absolutely divine predatory lady! ^__^


Posted by YesImCanadian 1 month ago Report

NGL, some of the comments (in the pic) are very cringy


Posted by Elpie 1 month ago Report

agreed, but that's obviously part of the joke ;)


Posted by bongobongo 1 month ago Report

That’s Instagram for ya


Posted by AnAccount 1 month ago Report

That is likely the point


Posted by Diyx 1 month ago Report

Ngl for a quick sec I thought her panties were her vagina and it was some sort of portal or something lol I like the evolution of your previous artstyle.


Posted by Joreeves 1 month ago Report

Simply amazing


Posted by HMDVore 1 month ago Report

Nicely done. Loving these


Posted by mec59l 1 month ago Report

I'm looking forward see other posts from her


Posted by Hivelord 1 month ago Report

Love to see you getting your groove on back man. Your work is always a pleasure.


Posted by Greg432 1 month ago Report

I'm loving these Instagram style drawings. Tara's been one of my favorite characters on this website for years


Posted by bigboy1992 1 month ago Report

This and the other social media post are awesome!!


Posted by JeebyHeebies 1 month ago Report

What kind of jackass spells out "ma'lady" lmao


Posted by JYGaming 1 month ago Report

Two posts in a week? Who are you and what have you done with Rac0r?!


Posted by BigMamaL 1 month ago Report

This post and the last one have been amazing nice job man


Posted by doomed 1 month ago Report

Digest the haters


Posted by Mordecai777 1 month ago Report

Please tell me this is going to become a series, maybe next time we wll see her digesting the sportscar dude in his sportscar, and the massive dick guy maybe getting lucky with her while she digests someone or getting digested in bed and so on. Just an ideea but this could be an amazing series.