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Sabbatical in a Snake 4 By Delt -- Report

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i shoulda named this "sabbatical in a coatl" on second thought. lacks alliteration but it would kinda rhyme... yknow sa-ba-ti-CUL - co-ah-TUL. i might be reaching. im a bit tired. anyway this is all of it for now, until the next lucoa mood hits. which i realize grows stronger whenever i'm practicing figures and trying to put more attention and energy into weight, mass, and softer portrayal of muscles. her being 2d makes it easy to dismiss the sheer size of her figure as "normal" in that setting but a real person with those proportions would be HEAVY. I think remembering and paying more attention to things like weight, texture, the give of body parts and material, even smell or sound can help portray things maybe not more "realistically" but more convincingly convey similar sensations through the limited media of 2d that we're operating through.

oh and i didn't draw her horns all the time because i FELT LIKE IT I DREW THEM HERE TO SHOW I CAN DO SO NICELY IF I WANT

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Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 11 days ago Report

v hgyuijoplre

Good fucking hell this was AWESOME


Posted by Camacho 11 days ago Report

delicious galoshers


Posted by Delt 11 days ago Report

Wonderful woobers


Posted by TheMysteriousSadSack 11 days ago Report

lol its so over for Kobayashi


Posted by thicceater 11 days ago Report

Omg i LOVE this concept of digestion and absorption XD
i could totes see this being an actual chapter of the manga, there are a LOT of silly weirdness so Vore isnt not out of the question

Lovely job!


Posted by Delt 11 days ago Report

They didn't really get digested- which is hard to believe since when so i ever draw endo but like, Lucoa just wanted a full belly for a while. And digesting or not, being squeezed in a dragon belly for days is going to have SOME effect on them, digestion or no.


Posted by thicceater 11 days ago Report

Oh yeeee fun concept nontheless ^w^


Posted by walkingbyself 11 days ago Report

Hehe this is a cute result, both Kobiyashi and Tohru look so cute and smol and beeeg Lucoa is also so very hot~


Posted by DangZerglings 11 days ago Report

Y'know, I'm not sure why I haven't thought of an idea like this.


Posted by jrogelio1 11 days ago Report

i think kobashi is going to be eaten again or least be unbirthed due being lucoa a shotacon and get very horny when drunk than endedn raping her sister


Posted by Parabola0 11 days ago Report

oh hell yeah this rocks


Posted by royalwerewolf 11 days ago Report

Well thats new, and unique! Love the concept of partial absorption


Posted by colemercer 11 days ago Report

Brainrot by lucoa vore, is a good brainrot


Posted by doomed 11 days ago Report

This is why her boobs are so big lol


Posted by dreameaster 10 days ago Report

Very nice, I like the end result (vore is cool, size theft is cooler imo)