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Genius 2
“Arrrrgh!” a
loud yell was heard from the science lab across the field. What
followed was a sound of a hard piece of medal impacting against the
wall, which shook the ground around the structure. It wasn’t until
moments later that everything became silent again. Not another sound
could be heard. Well, until….
The ground shook
again, almost like an earthquake. “Why won’t it work?!” the
voice yelled out again.
Anna, the anthro
wolfen, walked through the

AXE ChocolateHave you ever seen the AXE commercial for the body oderizer that makes a man smell like chocolate? If not, it's all over YouTube. If so, here is a story explaining how dangerous that spray can be.The commercial explains that once a man sprays the product on him, girls will be attracted to him like magic. But they didn't show the negative effects of it.After the commercial was recorded, the girls brought him into the back room. No one heard from him since. The cameramen went to th

The Genius

In the present time, in the country somewhere, a man lived with his own pet wolves.Flashback...A while ago, the man was hiking through the woods when he saw a female wolf getting attacked by other male wolves in the area. He quickly took his walking stick and headed for the scene. He moved the female to a safe location and fought the male wolves with his bare hands. As soon as he killed one, the others turned and ran for their lives. When he turned around, he noticed that the f

Don't look at a gifted horse in the mouth. Or that's what they say at least, but did they ever know that the phrase is true? Not only humans, but animals have gifts too. Let me explain in a story.There once was a man who was an animal doctor. He helped a lot of animals in need and knew about them as well. Even mystical creatures such as vixens, unicorns, wolfens, centaurs and many others, he knew how to take care of all of them.But there was a rumor going on in town that apparently animals kn

Crossed Paths

It was a light sunny day. All the soldiers were getting prepared for departure. Luna `Sraom was a young teen Sangheili about to experience her first battle on Halo, the weapon that the Covenant were after to destroy the parasite. The dropship landed with a thud. The slide doors slowly opened. As soon as that happened, all the Elites jumped out, plasma rifles in hand. Luna stepped down gracefully and looked around. The surface of Halo was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen

The Journey

By: Andrew Ashmet


"Look, its the human who contacted us!" A small child cried from a nearby playground. The human boy walked quietly looking in amazement at the new species. "Welcome to the planet E-15, I'm the professor you talked with." The human looked up at the tall alien creature. "Greetings, my name is Andrew."

Chapter 1

The Quest

Meadow View School was an elementary school of 64 students. One of their high school scholars

Faline eats Bambi whole!

Part 1

Faline walked quietly toward the stream, feeling a bit thirsty and hungry at the same time. As she walked, she noticed a plump, fat rabbit that looked nothing like Thumper but it was huge. Its belly, from left to right was at least a foot or two but no matter what it looked like, it made Faline's mouth water. She crept closer, imagining the rabbit slide down her throat and satisfy her hunger. When she was staring over it, she slowly got close to it until 'gl

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