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Avereth's Blog - I figured it out! Posted 14 years ago

I have, at long last, realized exactly what that intangible thing is that keeps me from ever finishing anything! You see, in no way have I ever suffered from the infamous writer's block! Quite the contrary really! If anything I have ideas faster than I can get them out!

I figured out what was going wrong by looking at the trend so far: It seems that every work I have done that is not an RP where someone is pushing me to keep going, I have always stopped at a particular point. Let's go through exactly where this happened in each stalled work, perhaps you will figure it out before I tell you.


Secret Pleasures: Part 6. In this one, it's stopped on the chapter where Verdek CVs a fellow apprentice because he...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Bannor 6 years ago Report

It's been five years since you got a shout??!! Inconceivable!! *nuzzles yer belly*


Posted by Bannor 11 years ago Report

Just wanted to toss out a shout about how much I like your avatar here. The full drawing is awesome, but the "OMG HELP" you added just makes it ... i dunno.. cute? Anyway, I smile every time I see it. :3


Posted by Leshana 11 years ago Report

I saw one of your posts and thought I'd let you know you have a cool icon.


Posted by Masquerade 12 years ago Report

Hey thanks for the favourite!


Posted by ouroborous 13 years ago Report

*facepalm* That's right! The great collaboration with Bannor! (goes a little woozy) I started to read that I got sideswiped by RL. Got to get back there.

*does 'cabbage patch'* I got stuff to re-ead! I got stuff to re-ead! ...


Posted by ouroborous 13 years ago Report

Just dropping by to give my regards. Been seeing you out on the forum; like your style.


Posted by Bannor 13 years ago Report

Wowza! How have I not given you a shout yet?? Enjoying your writing and art! Hyenas with belly buttons! Woo!

Damien Zhar

Posted by Damien Zhar 13 years ago Report

*sneaks and sniffs* heya, just decided to watch you, and follow your art and writings :) (Read some of em on YS, murrr... lovely


Posted by BerserkerB 13 years ago Report

Again, thanks for the faves.

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Posted by BerserkerB 13 years ago Report

Thanks for the faves. ^_^

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Posted by NocturneWolf 14 years ago Report

Thanks for the fave & the comments!


Posted by Sereno_Orenov 14 years ago Report

Heh, your the first to add one of my items of writing as a favorite... Thanks, bro.

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