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I have, at long last, realized exactly what that intangible thing is that keeps me from ever finishing anything! You see, in no way have I ever suffered from the infamous writer's block! Quite the contrary really! If anything I have ideas faster than I can get them out!

I figured out what was going wrong by looking at the trend so far: It seems that every work I have done that is not an RP where someone is pushing me to keep going, I have always stopped at a particular point. Let's go through exactly where this happened in each stalled work, perhaps you will figure it out before I tell you.


Secret Pleasures: Part 6. In this one, it's stopped on the chapter where Verdek CVs a fellow apprentice because he can't think of any other choice at the...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Bannor 2 years ago Report

It's been five years since you got a shout??!! Inconceivable!! *nuzzles yer belly*


Posted by Bannor 8 years ago Report

Just wanted to toss out a shout about how much I like your avatar here. The full drawing is awesome, but the "OMG HELP" you added just makes it ... i dunno.. cute? Anyway, I smile every time I see it. :3


Posted by Leshana 8 years ago Report

I saw one of your posts and thought I'd let you know you have a cool icon.


Posted by Masquerade 9 years ago Report

Hey thanks for the favourite!


Posted by ouroborous 9 years ago Report

*facepalm* That's right! The great collaboration with Bannor! (goes a little woozy) I started to read that I got sideswiped by RL. Got to get back there.

*does 'cabbage patch'* I got stuff to re-ead! I got stuff to re-ead! ...


Posted by ouroborous 9 years ago Report

Just dropping by to give my regards. Been seeing you out on the forum; like your style.


Posted by Bannor 10 years ago Report

Wowza! How have I not given you a shout yet?? Enjoying your writing and art! Hyenas with belly buttons! Woo!

Damien Zhar

Posted by Damien Zhar 10 years ago Report

*sneaks and sniffs* heya, just decided to watch you, and follow your art and writings :) (Read some of em on YS, murrr... lovely


Posted by BerserkerB 10 years ago Report

Again, thanks for the faves.


Posted by BerserkerB 10 years ago Report

Thanks for the faves. ^_^


Posted by NocturneWolf 10 years ago Report

Thanks for the fave & the comments!


Posted by Sereno_Orenov 10 years ago Report

Heh, your the first to add one of my items of writing as a favorite... Thanks, bro.

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