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Ryan closed the door behind him and, throwing his tired body against the wall, let out a sigh of relief. Immediately he put the heater on, then pulled off his gloves and hung his woolly hat on top of the coat rack. His enormous fluffy coat needed a little extra strength to remove. It was a wonderful stroll, he


at all deny, but all the same he was relieved to feel the warmth of indoors. Now he could let loose and look fo

Outside the sky was


by golden rays of the slowly approaching sunset, shining shyly from a pair of apartment blocks on the horizon. Veronica, sitting alone on a park bench, enjoyed a calming sense of peace offered by the evening summer breeze washing through her hair. Surrounding her, classmates and colleagues alike were sprawled out over the green fields; some leaning on tree trunks reading, others sitting in friendly gr

An overpowering feeling of regret was beginning to drown out Helen's thoughts. Regrets such as "why did I want to work in medicine?", and "why did I borrow sixty-thousand dollars for medical school?", and, perhaps the most immediate to her

predicament, "why did I insist on working as a school nurse?". 

The shrinking p

The princess fell back onto her cushion-stuffed armchair with an audible thump. She'd always reveled in how soft and fluffy the seat was, that feeling of sinking in just as you sit down, though she was finding it more and more difficult to squeeze into it recently. Nestling her butt in comfortably, her gaze trailed back down to the pudgy belly poking out between her ankle-length skirt and ill-fitting bodice. Utterly in the open, it hung over her waistline and onto her lap. From it emanated ungod

It was kind of a strange request, I thought. Afterschool time was usually reserved for clubs and circles and such. So when Ms Lewis asked me to revisit the biology classroom today, I was a bit perplexed. What's more, she refused to tell me what I was volunteering for, that she'd explain once I'd arrived.

It's not that I don't trust Ms Lewis, of course. Most of my friends find her strict, but I think the way she controls the clas

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