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Punch walked into her bedroom, a drunk grin across her face. Her and
her sister, Cheerilee had spent the night drinking. About an hour
before Cheerilee had drank enough and quickly passed out in bed,
leaving the older, more experienced sister to keep drinking on her
own. When she entered the bedroom, her drunken eyes went wide with
what she saw. Her sister laid there, sleeping, with a massive hard
on and a pair of balls the size of large melons between her legs.
Her mouth drooled at t

was early morning and Lily sat up in her bed and yawned with a smile.
Today was the day. It was her birthday and her girlfriend Amber
promised her she would be breakfast in bed! A quick glance to her
left revealed that Amber was already up and awake. Lily smiled with
glee as she laid naked on the sheets waiting eagerly for her to
a few short minutes Amber came in with a smile and giggled as she ran
over and hugged Lily. "Happy birthday Lily! I got you a
present~" she

was nearing three o'clock in the afternoon and Miss Edith, a
beautiful, tall, blonde teacher looked out to her class. "Alright
class remember your projects are due tommorow morning no exceptions!"
If it is late there will be a twenty point loss to your total grade
for each day it is late!" she said sternly.
her desk a young, dark haired student doodled happily in her notebook
as she day dreamed. The page was filled with various drawings none
of which meant anything. Lily

was a spring morning in Ponyville and everypony was out and about in
the bustling little town. Ponies ran and played everywhere. Vendors
were out selling their goods to the local ponies and everything was
perfect. Inside the local dress shop carousal boutique, Rarity a
white unicorn, smiled deviously to herself. While she was the most
beautiful of unicorns and an astonishing dress maker, Rarity had a
rather kinky fetish. Normally even a speck of dirt on one of her
dresses would send the fashi

a 19 year old girl, with black hair, and dd breasts, sits in her bed,
naked. "oh god I'm so fucking horny." she moans to herself.
"I wonder if anybody has posted anything new on ekas portal?"
she moans to herself. With this she grabs her iPod touch and gets on
safari. You see, Jill is a voraphille, and a lesbian. "oh a new
story by Hermlover21!" she sais excitedly. "He always posts
good stuff!" As she read the story, she started to get wet. "oh

a highschool senior with DD breasts,blonde hair, an ass to die for,
and glasses, comes running up to her girlfriend Lensie. "Hey
Lensie!" she sais, while throwing a hug on her. "Hey
Jenny." she said in reply, with a smile. Lensie was not as
gifted as Jenny. You see she was a late bloomer. Even now, as a
highschool senior her breasts had barely reached B cups, she had a
developed ass, but it was nowhere near the size of Jenny's fine ass.
But of all the girls in there sc

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I would like to say hello to anyone who still is a fan of my work here and cares enough to read this. I want to say thank you all for enjoying my work and I want to address a few things.
I'm sure many of you noticed several stories are gone from my gallery. Most of them involved underage human predators or prey. At one point I enjoyed these stories, however over,time I began to have a distaste for it. I no longer liked the subject matter and was a little repulsed by it at times. So I removed them. I don't have them anymore and I do not judge anyone who still enjoys it.

In regards to my writing... I grew out of it for some time.. I no longer had the drive to write pure fetish fuel like I did at one time. However lately I have had a desire to write again so I may post a...
[ Continued ... ]

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