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Delgunner Kingdom. A massive kingdom with an equally massive territory. In the center of it lay the capital city, which is the largest city in the world. In the hustling and bustling metropolis of the capital city, people were scurrying about, discussing all the latest news and gossip. The people seemed to be particularly joyful, as news about the Four Stars Church’s downfall had q

United Front

In a large area not far from where the five Legendary Heroes and the High Priest were fighting was a massive camp full of soldiers. Inside the largest tent was a noble-looking male getting suited up for battle. He had dark purple hair that was neatly groomed, piercing red eyes with


pupils, lightning bolt-shaped

Church Chaos

It had been only a day since the last wave. Celtic and his party were taking shelter in a small village during a heavy rainstorm, preventing them from continuing on their quest to Delgunner’s capital. In the inn that they were staying at, they had all gathered in one room to discuss what their next plan would be.


On a Wing and a Prayer and Another Wing

It had been a few days since Celtic’s latest “duel” with Lucas. They had made it to the next village in order to prepare for the next wave. They were standing in the middle of the small village, making final checks, as the Infinity Hourglass counted down to the time. Celtic’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the dwindling sands in the

Lucas Strikes Back

It had been a few days since Skye cut her hair to prove her resolve. The Shroud Hero party was back on the road, still heading for Delgunner. Viola was in the lead with her ever-trusty map while the rest of the party followed. Soon, they came to a three-way fork in the road, each with road signs. Viola looked them over, looked at her map again, did a quick calculation, then tu

Cutting the Ties That Bind

It had been a day since Celtic and his party had successfully repelled the attack from Robert and his Templar Knights. They were well on their way to Delgunner, keeping an eye out for any other problems. After a little bit, they decided to take a break near a stream. Viola had crafted herself another one of her hammocks and was lounging in it, Tyroe and Rupert were fis

Templar Trouble

It was a peaceful night. Celtic’s party was sound asleep near the campfire. Skye, Rupert, and Leon were in sleeping bags, Tyroe was coiled up with a blanket over him, and Viola was in a hammock made from her silk with a blanket over her human half. Celtic was awake, off to the side, with a small oil lamp near him. Next to him were various crafting tools, with him hard at wo

The Spear Vers


s the Shroud

It was the following day after Celtic and his party chased Reginald and his bully knights out of Pronue. After a hearty breakfast and pick


up some extra supplies, the gang was on their way. Viola had her map out, now marked with a

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HeroSoulSword's Blog - Update on car Posted 3 weeks ago

Well, I've got good news and bad news regarding my car.

The good news is that I finally got it back today and it seems to be running fine now. Though I'm still leery of it.

The bad news is... well, for starters, it cost $1400+ to repair it, as the dealer found more problems than the previously known issues (what a surprise...). Secondly, it's not fully repaired. The cruise control is still down and the gas tank cover is still broken. The reason being is that dad had almost secret conversations with the dealer and cut corners in order to lower the cost and didn't tell me or mom about it. If he was worried about cost, he could've just asked me to loan him my credit card to fill in the gaps, but no, he didn't tell us anything and did things his way. And he accuses...
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