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Hey all! I'm the JadeMarauder. This is where I post the weird stuff that the average person would be a little too weirded out by if I incorporated it into the stuff I intend to publish someday. That being said, I post here way more often than I thought I would, so... enjoy!

If you feel so inclined, you can check me out at https://www.deviantart.com/jademarauder on Deviantart as well, where I post my more typical stuff.

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My name is Dana, and I’m supposed to be boring. By all accounts, I should be an unremarkable, bland, run-of-the-mill woman, and for a while, I was. I was perfectly fine with living alone, working at a mediocre job, and never drawing any attention to myself. But things didn’t stay that way, because


showed up- my “friend.” Ever since they entered the picture, everything has gone utterly bonkers.

18-year-old Sylvia Simonson was evil- there were no two ways about it. She knew it, and she was proud of it. Ever since kindergarten, she had been a devious and downright villainous girl.

Getting away with her crimes was simple. Sylvia’s parents, Gary and Winona Simonson, were the founders and joint CEOs of Simonson Labs. Their business was one of the biggest and most powerful tech companies on Earth. They had billions of dollars t

On most days, Mia Rockwell fought to defend her country. Today, though, her only concern was saving her friend. Without him, she wouldn’t stand a chance against what was to come.

Mia was part of the Vore Corps, a division of the United States military consisting of predators. The mutations that allowed these women to swallow others whole also gave them greatly enhanced strength and durability. As such, predators were often used as

After dating for a year and a half, Jason and Gracie had finally decided to live together. She had moved out of her apartment a month ago, and now she lived with Jason at his house. Now they were only apart when they had to work.

Jason had lived on his own for two entire years by then, and he had been desperate for companionship. Meeting Gracie had been the best thing that ever happened to him, and to finally be sharing a home with her w

Dean had been one of the many humans to receive magic powers after the event known as the Omega Surge. He could temporarily turn anything he drew into a real, tangible object. It didn’t matter how he drew it- a simple pencil sketch, a digital picture on his tablet, or even a hastily scrawled etching in the dirt were all fair game. It took a lot of energy to conjure his drawings, especially ones of a more complex nature, but he had used his powers to great effect in the past.

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I don't do this often, but I have ZERO ideas at the moment. Is there anything you all would like to see me draw? Keep in mind that there's no guarantee that your suggestion will be drawn.

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Thanks for the watch!


Posted by SuperSentaiVelvet 1 year ago Report

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I do enjoy your vore art. Though, I admit that Aster and Yang scare me. This is coming from someone who loves Yandere Preds, and has 3 Yandere Preds.


Posted by SuperSentaiVelvet 1 year ago Report

Hey, how are you?


Posted by daisypink71 2 years ago Report

Thank you for the fav! ♥️

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Posted by Spider8Fiend 2 years ago Report

Thanks for the favorite! I'm glad you enjoyed the pic~

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Posted by Vorelover23 2 years ago Report

Seeing your samus enrty, you want to know who else is underappreciated!?! Malva from pokemon x and y, The female builders from Dragon quest builders! There are more out there that are under appreciated.

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Posted by Pkmnguy6262 2 years ago Report

Hey!thanks a lot for the faves on my stuff it's greatly appreciated and means so much to me!^^<3 hope you'll like the future stuff of what I'll post as well.

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