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Dean stared down at the unconscious small person in his hands. Jesslyn was collapsed against his chest. It had been a hard fight against the demon. They had only won because of the angel calling himself Castiel. The angel of the Lord stood before him, quiet and watching.

"He jumped on the demon and tried to stop him. He didn't even know any exorcism spells but he jumped right in. And got swatted across the room for his troub

It was dark in the motel room. Everything was calm and quiet. Sam slept on his bed in the tank. Dean slept in his with Jesslyn curled around him. One of her legs was draped over his hips and her arm was around his chest. Her head was tucked under his chin as she gently snored. None of them were any wiser to what was going to happen.

Suddenly, the room was flooded with noise. Doors and windows banged and rattled in their frames. T

It worked. Dean seemed to have forgotten about the small person in his pocket. He draped his jacket over a chair before making sure Jesslyn got her ridiculous shoes off. She grumbled about it but kicked them off. Dean tossed them onto the other queen bed with the rest of their things. 

"You're not wearing those heels into bed," Dean told her. "You'll stab me in your sleep with them."

"You don't need to put me in a tank!" Sam protested. "I'm not going anywhere. Where would I go? I don't know the walls in this motel. I don't know if any small folk live in them. You left my supplies back at the other motel so I can't go anywhere, anyway. Plus, Dean is 

my brother.

 I don't want to lose him again." 

His protests s

Sam's father scrubbed his face. "It's foolish," he said softly. "You risk so much. You risk exposing our entire way of life. For what? For some flimsy chance that that giant man out there will remember you? He'll actually care for you? Sam, think this through before you do anything else." He turned and walked away, going down the dark path and towards the kitchen. They still had a job to do.

It was much later

Sam woke up the next morning. He smiled as he presented his gift to his mother. She loved the gems and hung them up in the thin beam of light that shone through a crack in the floorboards. It was a sliver of a crack, almost unnoticeable to humans but the light added just a bit of homeliness, dispelled just a touch of gloom, from the small home. They were under the floorboards of the room he had nearly been caught in, tucked back into the far corner under a window. It was cozy, to use the word a

So I decided to go a whole different direction with this story. I'll leave up the old chapter 4 but will be continuing in this line of thinking. 

Sam woke with a start when the bedsprings above him creaked. At some point, waiting for the giant couple to fall asleep, he had fallen asleep. He still remembered the dream, although it grew dimmer with each passing moment as reality pressed in. Dean. The man in the bed was Dean. H

Sam gulped and tried to push the feeling of being 


out of his mind. Temporarily. It was far too important of a skill to ignore. But right now, he needed to overcome it in order to take this one chance at reconnecting with his brother. He turned his soft, pleading brown eyes up to that towering, imposing man. The eyes that greeted him were as cold as the emeralds they shared their color with. Yet, right in between t

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Sorry for the delay in updates. I’ve been so busy lately. Tell ya what, I’ll go ahead and post the whole thing on Saturday. All of it so you can enjoy. In another few weeks, I’ll begin posting an old story I co-wrote with a friend. It’s also finished. I’m just working on polishing it up before posting.

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Oh, ok I did not want to bother I'm sorry, I wanted to give you one more option and I also wanted to know if you like the scat or the fart or the pee?


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Hello, I really like your stories and also if you're interested I can tell you that you could also include scat, fart, pee and I'd like to talk with you? if you do not mind


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You are most welcome.


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You're very welcome. Loved your story ^w^

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