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eat my shit

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was a small backtrack, nothing the hunter wasn’t used to, but it
was still annoying to travel back a hallway infested with rotten
creatures just to return to his shelter. It hadn’t been long since
he had ventured into the hunter’s nightmare, a half-dimension
half-dream where every single once sane hunter had lost their minds,
and turned into either power-crazed twisted beings, or fallen prey to
the corruption this world so viciously attempts to seed unto all and
every living thing. The

The only thing
resonating in the cave was the sound of something dripping on the
dry, irregular floor. Not much could be seen in the depths of the
natural structure, save for some reflections barely visible from the
moon, beaming off into certain wet surfaces of the rocks. Suddenly, a
groan accompanied the rhythmic percussion, and the shuffling of
clothes followed afterwards.
The rabbit got
up, scrambling around for his backpack, which had probably fell
somewhere around him as

“Oh, sorry,
yeah, I got distracted. What?”
The human took
hold of the rope on the helicopter and strapped a tight metal brace
on, before slowly rappelling downwards, aided by one of the island
assistants. A small leap was all it took for the crew to land in the
giant patch of grass, the green blades growing carelessly, giving a
rather surreal feel to the attraction; maybe they had kept it
untrimmed for the realistic feel of a Jurassic island?
“Speaking of

Pure and utter
light blinded everything for a few moments, the first beams of the
sun crashing down on the forest grass, filtered away by the leaves of
the tall trees surrounding it. Eventually, after hours of relative
silence, only replaced by the wind tracing leaves and dirt upwards, a
sharp *Bang* echoed into the day, followed by the large amount of
birds flying away in unrecognizable patterns. A single rifle came
into view from the shrubbery, followed by a large scaled humanoid,
green in col

“So if I just
drink this… I’ll get money?”
“Pretty much.”
Steph stared at
the swishing blue drink inside the flask, before looking back at the
doctor, he seemed to know what he was doing, and 300 bucks was 300
bucks, so there was no real risk of him backing out of the deal,
plus, it was signed at all.
“I won’t die,
“Nope, not at
“And what will
happen next I drink this?”
growth, you’ll probably become a bit taller, but it’s temporary,
I think

Lights lazily
hazed into the ground, seeping through the large trees into isolated
beams. In one of said tree’s, laid an anthropomorphic alligator, 7
feet in height, with a bulky build, and most noticeable of all, his
larger-than-usual fat tail. The reptile sat down on the tree trunk,
resting lazily against it as he snored audibly, the guttural sound
serving as a warning to any creature trying to disturb him, and so
far it had worked. When Snatch got up from his slumber, a bulk
pressed him dow

“Oh, you’re awake?”
The first thing
the pokemon trainer saw before his eyes was the large grass, reaching
his knees, before looking up. A giant landscape, complete with giant
trees, humongous clouds, and large birds adorned his surroundings.
One thing stood out, a large female Gardevoir. The pokemon was lying
down on her side, resting on her hand, while staring at Danny, the
small individual.
“Uhh…” The
human gave Gardevoir

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That's pretty sweet, keep it up! I'm loving it a lot so far.


Posted by SizzleAndMelt 3 years ago Report

Loving your interactive story~! I'd have to say it's my favorite, even though you just started, it seems.


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Great to see you again!


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Heya! ::)

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Sorry for the late reply, you welcome very much.

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