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I'm not super great on profiles when it's not on specific characters but more will come later.

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RoyalSerpent's Blog - Name Update Posted 2 years ago

For any artists who have done things for me or people following me. My old username TidalSpear no longer exists, just so people don't get confused why links to my profile prior to today no longer work.

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Posted by Iseta 4 months ago Report

Helloo i just wanna say that i enjoy the content ya post uwu
And nice ocs i love them nwn


Posted by KevinK1993 1 year ago Report

You seem to like serpents... a lot. I'm guessing that they're your favorite type of animal?


Posted by Soffix 1 year ago Report

Fun fact, I'm DUMB and I've been watching you already for who knows how long C:


Posted by Chameleonette 1 year ago Report

Thank you kindly for the watch! :) I appreciate it!


Posted by Callen 1 year ago Report

I'd love for you to join my discord channel vore palace all vore is welcome and if you would like to bring friends feel free


Posted by miranda_dragon 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To RoyalSerpent

Unexpected? You got some good stuff going on.


Posted by dkrule 2 years ago Report



Posted by Jeschke 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To RoyalSerpent

I mean, gluttonous and soft is a wonderful thing to be in general. <.< Even better if you got all that body to pack away food into! Is real nice. <.<


Posted by Jeschke 2 years ago Report

Oh hey! I'm sure I've seen you posting your art in a discord before, but I hardly remember which out of the many I'm in that it was. Didn't know you were on Eka's too, though I guess I should've figured that. x3 But hey, love your art, you have a lovely naga lady, real nice stuff you're getting. ^^


Posted by Goblingobler 2 years ago Report

Need more goblins to gulp? Or maybe an elf?


Posted by javitinkfizz 2 years ago Report

Cute snake~


Posted by fallenangel21 2 years ago Report

You have a lovely Lamia! <3

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