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June had gotten an…unusual experience. You see, the black-haired Asian woman had been living a fairly normal life, nothing really strange or odd happening to her. She’d had a nice circle of friends, especially her dear friend Zamer, a black, messy-haired young man with dark skin and deep eyes. He had a face you couldn’t look away from, and June had always liked him. Not that she wasn’t a looker too, she had cute cheeks, a well-built body, big, beautiful breasts, and stro



The guard felt his eyes glaze over as he scanned over the parking lot. Watch duty was always the worst, but it was especially boring at night. He was working at a top-secret government facility! He would have thought there would be something more exciting

than looking over the scientists’ cars. The guard felt

A Troubling Curse

Deep within the ocean, under the rolling waves, far away from what any human will ever see, there is a restaurant. Within this restaurant, two patrons sat across from each other, staring into each other’s eyes intently. On one side sat Tory, a muscular mal

e Scylla. He looks very similar to a normal human, with short, brunette hair and fie

Leon let out a puff of air that hung for a few seconds in the cold autumn air as he walked down the sidewalk, fresh from his workout at the local gym. He was tired, his muscles aching from the exertion of lifting weights, doing crunches and curls, and every other exercise that was part of his routine. As he slowly walked home- wishing that he had thought to grab a heavier change of clothes to wear home from the gym as the afternoon rapidly progressed towards night- he began to contemplate what h

Fighting Feast


Angel woke up, her head throbbing, as she sat up and clutched her forehead.
“Oh... my splitting head... what the hell...?”
She asked herself as she looked around, her other hand going down to push herself up only to land on a soft, plush, squishy... boob?

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