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My eyes fluttered open once more. Since
the date of first devouring I had always woken up inside of her body.
But today I could feel and see, for the first time in weeks, that the
warmth covering my body was the heavy comforter blanket I was under.
I could also feel an unusual weight, not heavy, but firmly placed on
my chest. I looked down to see her. She shifted as she woke up,
stretching her arms as she yawned. I stared down at her, and she
gazed at me.
“Good morning.” She said with a

The next few weeks were a blur for me.
True to her word everyday I was churned back to life inside of her
and spat, cumed, or shat out of her. Some times she would give me a
quick respite before sending me down her gullet or up her pussy once
more. More often than not though I’d go out one hole and into
another. It wasn’t all bad to be honest. I grew steadily to like
the feel of her velvety insides engulfing me and holding me. Every
day I would come out to see what changes she had made to h

It’s a strange feeling, you know?
Being brought back from death. Reformed and rearranged until
everything is in its place. Feeling your mind start back up again
after being melded into another’s. My first memory after my
resurrection was the feeling of heat, pressure, and wetness
surrounding my body. I was moving, being pushed along from all sides,
head first through a tube of soft, but strong material. My eyes
opened as a dim light shined through a small hole in front of me. As
I approached

She grabbed my hand as she kissed me,
forcing her tongue into my mouth and swirling it around. Moaning into
my mouth she wraps her fingers around mine and pulls me closer. She
releases me and takes my forefinger into her mouth. She closes her
lips around it, sucking it hard. I let a moan escape in pleasure,
when suddenly I feel the warmth and pressure creep up my hand and
down my arm. I open my eyes and see her lips parting as she forces my
head into her mouth. My free hand flails while my other

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