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I'm Hinotori. I draw stuff.

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I don't do commissions. Anytime I do, I'm subject to losing inspiration.
I'd still like to however make use of my art, and thought about doing paid folios of picture sequences. I think it would work out well for me because I get to draw what really inspires me at the time.
I have to see how much I can put out, but I was thinking of pricing folios between 15 to 50 dollars, which would be about the price of a commission.

Pic related is a list of characters I really enjoy (some of them belong to other people, so it's tentative), but it's a basic idea of who I might include.
There are a few characters I enjoy I didn't put in there I'd also be interested in. (Rouge, Celestia, Nightmare Moon, and maybe a few Pokemon)

So would you be interested in buying a folio of already existing OC's with...
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Posted by straightup2006 1 month ago

The way youre writing that Witch comic is cracking me up. Your descriptions are priceless. I mean, your whole gallerys gold,but those descriptions. Lol


Posted by JamCat 1 month ago

Happy Vore Day! :3


Posted by SonicSR71 3 months ago

Quite the gallery you have here, if you don’t mind me saying. ^^


Posted by beth4444 5 months ago

Will misadventures of sheep witch continue?


Posted by Stalbon 6 months ago

Figured I should really watch you, finally!


Posted by JamCat 9 months ago

Merry Christmas! :3


Posted by Gingerbread 1 year ago

I don't comment on this site often but I just wanted to say I absolutely love your style and hope you stick around!


Posted by Pokemonsdoom 1 year ago

welcome to this site


Posted by StormyRange 1 year ago

Promisingly awesome stuffs, Imma watch fo'sure -u-\


Posted by WorkInProgress 1 year ago

Your art looks incredible and I hope to see more~


Posted by MirceaKitsune 1 year ago

Hi and welcome to the site ^^

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