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Soft/safe vore mainly

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Racing along the streets of
Detroit, two figures dodged another laser blast from the pink unicorn
flying after them. Prowl, a black and gold ninja transformer, said
urgently to his partner, “We have to get away from her. If she
manages to hit us with that ray, we’ll be no use to anyone.” The
black and white police mech beside him smiled and said casually,
“Gotcha. You keep her busy while I go round the back.” Prowl
nodded and ran faster, leaving the other to do his part.
There was

All alone again.
Eridan Ampora, scourge of the
Alternian seas, reduced to hiding in a cathedral from stupid angels.
He’d tried to contact his supposed friends, but none of them would
answer. Not even Feferi, who’d been his moirail…oh, that reminded
him. She’d completely broken his heart before they left for Skaia.
He was about to shrink deeper into the corner he was curled up in
when he noticed a weak fluttering close by on the floor. He quickly
grabbed it and stared at the tiny thing in

Slender man, she thought. He’s
here. The absolute silence, so unnatural to nature, closed in on her
like the legs of some great thing beyond imagining. A sudden humming
in her ears stopped her cold, her muscles unable to move despite her
efforts. A dark tendril snaked out carefully from the blocked out
darkness under the trees, its form shadowless even in the bright
light of the full moon. Slowly, its owner carefully exited his hiding
place, the moon gleaming on his smooth, featureless face.

hated this. Ever since he’d been shrunk that one time, he would
sometimes revert back to the tiny size of three inches and have to
hide from his butler. He was deep under his bed, against the wall,
and hoping that Sebastian wouldn’t come in. It wasn’t that
Sebastian would hurt him, no, quite the opposite. Ciel highly
disliked Sebastian’s new idea of “protection” for him when he
was in this state. He heard the door open and saw the shiny black
shoes that signaled that his worst f

Jetfire and Jetstorm were studying the young organic who was
scampering around in front of them. They’d started playing with her
after finding her in the park by herself, and after the last five
hours, the three of them were getting along like old friends. Jetfire
grinned and said to his brother, “We are being good sitters of
babies, yes?” Jetstorm nodded and replied, “Da, and our new
friend is being good at having fun. What we doing next?” The girl
smiled and said, “I don’t know.

Just before Blurr
managed to hit the tunnel system away from the Spacebridge Nexus,
Shockwave’s arm snaked out and coiled around the waist of the
bright blue minibot. As the towering Decepticon drew him closer,
Blurr felt his air vents hitching as he sobbed in his desperate
struggle to get away. Shockwave’s single red optic glowed slightly,
a soft chuckle issuing from the black shadows inside his helm. His
arms finished retracting with a soft click and he carefully traced a
silver claw down

Blurr woke up and looked around. Somehow, he'd gotten back to the Autobots' Earth base even though he vaguely remembered crashing into some other vehicle on his patrol. He was sitting, so he tried to stand and found his hands and servos tied to the chair. He moaned a little, but was surprised to hear a familiar voice answer it, “Aw, is the big shot still banged up?” After sighting the yellow and black paintjob of the bot who spoke, Blurr asked angrily, “Bumblebeewhydidyoudothis

The battle between the Autobots and Decepticons was raging strong all around as Ratchet found himself face to face with Starscream. The magenta harrier jet was shooting hard and fast, but the aged medic had found cover behind a piece of rubble. The building it had come from was nearby, an ancient iron facility in the woods outside Detroit, and its shadow cast itself over the entire battlefield. Optimus and Bumblebee were sparing with several of Starscream's clones nearby as a group of humans hud

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Redglide's Blog - Just so you know... Posted 8 years ago

I'm alive :3

I just thought of the weirdest, most likely unsuccessful personal ad:
"Single, (color,age, weight/build) female *prey type* seeks single (color,age,weight/build) male *predator type* for companionship, hopefully leading to marriage. Contact (name) at (phone number)."
Am I the only one who thinks this would be hilarious and an epic fail? Probably. :silly:

It's odd when you find that you are the only person using a tag, especially when it's dealing with something you thought was popular on the interwebz. My story "Blight" is surprisingly the only piece on this site using the tag "slenderman". Did I miss the boat on...
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