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Hello traveler,

My name is not important, what is important is what I have to offer, I can spin you a tale. I can weave words into an array of stories to delight, excite and arouse. I do hope you enjoy my work I cant really say when my next yarn will be spun. All I know is until then my fingers will be resting on my keys.

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The light summer breeze picked up Emilys hair tossing it upwards it shone in the noonday sun. Bubbles drifted on the wind as it winded through the town, past busy stall and carts. People were walking up and down main street, enjoying the festivities.
 Emilys sat back on the park bench watching the towns folk from a distance. She eyed the attendees as her stomach growled. Emily had tried her best to go without eating another person for a while now. It had been almost two months since then an

"Dude keep it steady" one man says to his companion as he shoves him back.
"Sorry man this camera is heavy" the pudgy body of his friend slowly working up the ladder with a camera.
"Stop complaining and turn on the camera"
the other man begins to smooth out his clothes, his professional blazer and shirt. Straighten out with minimal effort. His slicked back blonde hair almost shines in the noon day sun.
"You got it man, just dont yell'
His friend made it up the

Kaitlyn and Sabrina walked down the decrepit alleyway. The voluptuous women held hands as they crept along the path. Sabrina leaned into Kaitlyn, her large breasts pressed again Kaitlyn's arm."Are we going the right way, Kat?" Sabrina looked into the steely emerald eyes showing through the messy black hair shadowing Kaitlyn's face."I'm sure Bri, there should be a sign for the parlor around here"Sabrina pulled her miniskirt down, her massive ass jiggling freely. Sabrina's thighs were completely e

The Taste of Revenge The metal of the fire escape is cold against your bare feet, as you ascend the side of the apartment complex. The wind blows against your loose-fitting dress, your a crimson phantom as you scale the metal stairs silently. turning for the last time you come face to face with a window marked with a single strip of reflective tape below the window. You feel your stomach growl in anticipation a fierce hunger demanding to be satisfied. You were more then willing to sate this u

One way to break upYour breathing heavy, sweat dripping down your face after a passionate lovemaking session with your herm girlfriend. You didn't even know herms existed three weeks ago when she appeared to you at the park in her runner's shorts asking you out on a date. Since then each night has been spent with copious amounts of sex. You never knew pleasure like this before she came into your life. Although she told you she couldn't get you or anyone else pregnant she still insisted on using

that scholarship

You've just gotten comfortable living alone at the college. Your
close friends begged you not to move onto the campus but you had no
choice as your car was beyond repair. You were just finishing up for
the night everyone else had already gone home. As you pack away your
things in your locker you step into the bathroom to change out of
your program's uniform. You enter a stall and start to undress
letting everything slip off of your body you catch it and hang it on

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As my life trudges on I get hit with unexpected events. Her recently my entire life has been shifted. I no longer possess the funds to live comfortably and I will have to get another job to afford to eat and pay bills. It makes me sad to have to write this post, as I feel I was getting somewhere with my work. If I can find another source of income enough to assist my predicament I will try to upload more. However currently I cannot say when if ever that will be. If anyone would like to commission a personal story then I would love to hear about it. I use Cash App to move funds so thats how I will be taking payments. Thank you everyone for your support and kind words about my work. It makes me happy to have been apart of this community and I hope one day to return bettet then before.

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