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I'm a beginner author who's been into this sort of stuff for a while, and this is where I collect the stories I've written.

I'm a slut for discussion, so if you comment on one of my stories (even the old ones) or send a PM or something, I'll be very happy to reply to you! And if you just want to talk, I'm on discord, send me a PM for contact info if you're interested.

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A Surplus of Meatsluts

This story involves cooking vore, casual vore, regeneration/resurrection, mentions of fatal vore, incest, casual slavery, female prey male pred and mentions of male prey.

To sustain a cannibalistic society, one of two things are needed: Either the birth rate must be sky hi

A Not So Average Customer at a Not So Average Tavern

This story involves cooking vore, incest, fantasy races, regeneration, and character/world building.

This story was written in a collaboration with


An Average Day at a Not So Average Tavern

This story involves cooking vore, incest, mentions of butchering, female prey, male prey, female chefs, women with dicks, and resurrection/reformation. Don’t like, don’t read.

The city of Corheara is a standard fantasy city, full of elves and humans and dwarves and even a few more ‘mons

A MILF for Christmas

This story includes: kinks like cannibalism, dehumanization, casual slavery, casual sex, degredation, large sub/small dom, and use of regeneration to snuff the same victim over and over again. See description for more details.

A twe

Sibling Turkeys

This story includes cooking, incest, and mentions of resurrection.

A few alternate realities away, far enough to be different, close enough to be recognizable, there is a world where death and cannibalism are normal and widespread. This society of excess, where l

Halloween Chicken Roast

Just off the campus of a large university was a large neighborhood of townhomes and apartments crammed full of students. Most nights of the year there was a party for anyone who wanted to find it, but Halloween was a step above those nights, with one of the biggest houses completely transformed into a haunted house, with a twist. The fliers on the streets declared, in all

A Change of Perspective: Part Four

The Very Belated Finale

This story includes cannibalism, master/pet play, hints of stockholm syndrome, and the author taking a long time to get to the good stuff

The city of Shady Strands is a very strange one. Full of anthros o

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Hello everyone. I don't know if any of my followers care enough after I vanished off the face of the planet for a few months there, but I have good news.

Between Covid winding down, finally getting a good job because hiring is picking up, and just a flash of good mood, I am back in the writing business. The goal for now is one story every month at least. I am currently focusing on a kinky DnD world I have been roleplaying with a friend, but I can't promise I'll stick on a topic long term. I'll write what I feel like, and that also means I will not be accepting requests or the like at this time.

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Hi! I'm Cheshire from Discord, I like your stories


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Well, I’m so glad you enjoyed my story!


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Hey, thank you so much for the favorite! Do you mind telling me how you found my story?

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