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Long time lurker finally decided to try my hand at writing. I am an avid lover of reading and writing, and I hope to bring a little joy back to the community that has made me so happy for so long.

I'm a massive RPer as well, and a gamer. World of Warcraft is a gigantic part of my life, but my fandoms are gigantic and all over the place, so if anyone is interested, I'm always up for pretty much anything!

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It had been a long week of trials for all those that called themselves paladin. The Silver Hand had gotten together to do tournaments and show off for one another, and Xavier had happily joined in on the fun. He and Ari had taken first in a lot of the different partner challenges, defeating several veteran pairings, including one pair of incredibly large Shu'halo Lightwalkers that had grumbled at them after they had wiped the floor with them in combat. Xavier had grinned and shot off his mouth,

It had been one year ago that Devon
had asked Liam to marry him, on Valentine’s Day of course. They had
been together for three years prior, and the silver wolf anthro had
loved his gorgeous fox boy from the first time he’d laid eyes on
him at the dance club. It had been a special time for them, and he
remembered fondly as he got to know Liam why the fox had been so shy
at first of anything intimate. He remembered Liam finally working up
the courage to confess to the wolf that he was a bit d

It had been three weeks since Flynn
Ryder had been sent from the Valley of the Four Winds to seek the
Grand Master, and he had found him within the first few days, Master
Bruised Paw, a wise amazing Pandaren who Flynn had impressed by being
one of the most willing and quick learning students he’d ever had
the pleasure to instruct. The thief from another time it seemed, had
been quite good at picking up what the Master gave him, and he was
good at focusing on his own body, picking up when he sh

It had been a quiet day for
Corvabus. Flynn had taken the day to do something, a surprise the
little elf had told his mate before scampering off with a grin and a
promise to return by nightfall. As a result the Demon had found
himself in the company of a certain Slime who had decided to pay his
friends a visit, and had stayed to keep the indigo and onyx haired
Demon from feeling lonely. Their conversation as the hours went on,
had slowly drifted from a multitude of things to the elf, as he was a

A night like any other in the
lovely harbor city of Sanctum. A haven for those who were a bit
different, and those who didn’t mind different to live and enjoy
together in a bit of harmony all on their own. One such patron was a
rather powerful middle-aged Panther named Blaine Altimonte. Blaine
had created his own company, multi-million dollar pharmaceuticals and
had helped run and pioneer a secret little project that even most of
the citizens of Sanctum didn’t know about. As the night grew c

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ZanexOrious' Blog - Birthday! Posted 7 years ago

It is my birthday today! So excited, I went to Disney for the weekend, got a new tiny hat, and now I shall attempt to write up a birthday story for the super awesome people who make my day brighter! I really adore you guys!

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Posted by SweeneyDemon 7 years ago Report

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Haha Im nothing special


Posted by SweeneyDemon 7 years ago Report

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Haha Im nothing special


Posted by SweeneyDemon 7 years ago Report

Thank you for the watch!


Posted by immortalsane 7 years ago Report

Thanks for the fave!

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Posted by Sykes_Normatus 7 years ago Report

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No problem! Was a great story. <3


Posted by bustedthursday 7 years ago Report

Read all of the stuff you posted! LOOOOOOVE IT. :D Keep up the awesome!


Posted by bustedthursday 7 years ago Report

Thanks muchly for the watch! And you play WoW too? I smell a friendship coming on!


Posted by BarbasLover 8 years ago Report

Thanks a ton for the watch!


Posted by GoldFox 8 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by YoukaiChan 8 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch! :)

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Posted by Shryland 8 years ago Report

Thanks for the Watch

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