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I'm just a guy that primarily likes vore with fusion, merging, absorption as the main focus. Basically non-fatal stuff. I've written out things that I like to see more of in vore, thought that's only when the motivation hits me.

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There’s not alot of things on the internet to make me stop and take a look at it, especially when it comes to ads or in this case “Testing opportunities”. Yet sometimes when you see something that can fulfill an inner desire that you’ve had for a while, it would be a shame not to take that opportunity. I mean how often do you get a chance to become a hermaphrodite?


Late at night, a young man lies on his back staring at his ceiling. This is how he spends most of his nights, alone, thinking about the life he never had. Never had anyone laying next to him in bed, never had sex, never even asked out a single person. A sad, lonely experience and one that if he disappeared, no one would even notice or care. But he desired to be with someone, anyone. Which makes him perfect prey for a succubus.

The next morning we awoke still pinned underneath the giant tits, but not for long as I expel myself and both android 21 skinsuits from Elizabeth’s body. Yet no sooner than I did that we had to quickly shower and put on Day 2’s costumes. This was Elizabeth as Miu Iruma and me as K1B0. Unlike the Android 21 costumes, these didn’t have tails that made them awkward to sit down in. Dressed up and fully fused with ourselves we left for Da

We get up on the next day early in the morning, get ourselves dressed, and bring along the suitcase containing the Android 21 costumes. We didn’t want to get changed right in the hotel room as the tails would probably be uncomfortable in the car. Sure I could just absorb them into our bodies then just reform them when we get there, it would look odd if someone caught us.


In the last two weeks Elizabeth and Emily have been getting stuff prepared for the Halloween Confessional. They’ve got permission to do it from the College, after submitting it to event organizers. Yet that had to be put on hold as we had the convention to attend. I mean I had put in “time off” and we did spend a good bit of money for the passes and hotel room. And with all the effort Elizabeth put into the cosplay, it would be a sh

Me and Emily spend a couple of minutes making small talk. I finally tell her my name since she almost refers to me as Heather again. It doesn’t feel right to be called that when I’m in my real body. Hell it barely felt right when it was just me in that body. I can’t place the reason why though. But we have given Elizabeth plenty to get dressed so I lead Emily across the hall to the “lab.”

The following day went by pretty normally. I ejected Elizabeth from my body and absorbed the skinsuit of her to become Heather for the next few days. She even gave me a voice changer to absorb since it would be my own masculine voice coming out. Only problem happened when Elizabeth’s father came around and I had to revert back to my real self to talk with him. Outside of that, I can maintain the form with ease. The problem was being Heather by

The city where me and Elizabeth live is nestled in the mountains, yet there’s a few places around that makes it a little bit worthwhile. Mostly because of the small 4 year college that’s in the middle of the city. So at least we get pizza delivery, some retail stores, a few restaurants and fast food places, and a movie theater. Though the latter hasn’t really been open for the last year. There were a few places that we could go, and

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