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Writer fond of many types of vore, although most of my stories end up being M/F. I am usually looking to trade stories for vore art- PM me if you are interested!

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Felicia Hardy entered the mansion through the roof, undetected. It was an almost unbelievably simple job- no guards, no cameras, no alarms- no security measures to speak of. Her experience told her it must be a trap, but a week's worth of surveillance did nothing other than confirm that one of New York's wealthiest residents was totally unconcerned about break ins. It hardly seemed a task for the infamous Black Cat- or even a moderately competent petty thief, but the prospect of obtaining th

I made it back to my apartment building, my heart and mind racing. I hated to- quite literally- fuck and run, but I really had no choice. The intrusive thoughts had been getting worse all week. Every time my girlfriend and I were intimate, I experienced increasingly intense visions of swallowing her whole- and as ridiculous and impossible as the imagery was, it felt totally real. Worse still, it wasn't like I could explain my increasingly strange behavior- somehow, I doubted saying "hey ba


sat on her bed, glued to her laptop. The college junior bounced back and forth from




witter, following a dozen different fandom dramas. Occasionally her focus would shift to an open word doc, typing a few lines of a sprawling fanfic she had been working on since high school. It was not even eight o clock in a

My eyes opened slowly. I was lying on my stomach, my face pressed against linoleum. I rolled over. I did not recognize my surroundings. I looked at my hands. They were green. Right, the Cell cosplay. Memories began rushing back.

"You're awake!" Ty exclaimed as he and Amy rushed to my side. "Dude, you were in a food coma for like six or seven hours!"

I had just barely regained my senses when Ty returned to the table. He grabbed Amy's rear playfully before sitting down, causing his wife to blush. This caught me off guard- Ty and Amy were always very open about anything sexual, but they usually refrained from public displays of


beyond handholding.

Amy's Samsung vibr

The food court was packed- there were about fifty tables and all of them were occupied by at least three or four people. Hundreds of conversations blended together into a disorienting drone- I could barely hear Ty and Amy talking across the table from me.

It was surreal- moments earlier I had absorbed a woman into my body through what should have been a normal(if low quality) cosplay accessory and it seemed no one around me knew- other than Ty and Amy, who did not seem e

My phone buzzed on the nightstand jostling me awake. Looking at the phone, I was greeted by a text from my friend, TY. It was shortly after midnight. Ty and his wife Amy had been two of my closest friends since high school, but they had no respect for the concept of being in bed at a reasonable hour.



I sat alone in the food court, sipping a


of an iced coffee that bore little resemblance to my usual order of "uh, normal?" I was at my preferred table, hidden from view

(or as hidden from view as you can get in a busy, highly modern mall) behind a support pillar. It was a special occasion- or at least what passed for a special occasion thes

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Hi everyone!

I seem to have a little more free time as of late, so I am cautiosuly optimistic that I will be able to do some more writing. I have a couple ideas that I have been kicking around in my head for a while, but am also open to trades. I make no promises about my output, but I think I should be able to do a story or two per month.

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