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i know it's impossible to stop people but please don't repost my work

pls no unsolicited gift art

previously 'assdemon'

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can't..... draw anything lately and especially not porn, so commissions are closed for the time being and it may be a minute before any new stuff goes up. i was trying to put together a vorey sketch sheet to post recently but like i said, zero motivation/ideas/drive. the 2/3 empty canvas is taunting me though so it'll probably materialize eventually??

anyway that's about it.. girl does her best now and is preparing, please watch warmly until it is ready ♥


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Posted by Spritethemouse 1 month ago Report

I like your style! cute bellies <3


Posted by Archeo 3 months ago Report

Hey just wanted to say that I'm really glad to see you back. You're quickly becoming one of my fav artists on this site, and I'm glad to see you around. :)


Posted by Alonelysoul64 3 months ago Report

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Haha, no prob!


Posted by Alonelysoul64 3 months ago Report

Thanks for the fav! Love your art style <3!


Posted by balanced-guy 3 months ago Report

Hey Acid, just wanna say your art style was a major influence for a voracious character I drew for my unusual Entity setting. Thanks for being awesome, and creating art that inspired me to make more art, for myself. ^_^


Posted by 0kc0mputer 4 months ago Report

holy shit i love ur sketches so much

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Posted by BingFox 4 months ago Report

Art thief, has posted some of your stuff:


Posted by TailsTheAssassin 4 months ago Report

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Thanks. It certainly is fitting. XD


Posted by Joannabonana 4 months ago Report

oh heck thanks. cant wait to see more of your stuff!


Posted by Codo 4 months ago Report

Yay! <3 Yer back! So happy to see you again!

Sol of Masamune

Posted by Sol of Masamune 4 months ago Report

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Hey thanks, and yeah Disgaea 4 is easily my favorite in the franchise. c:


Posted by Madmaxman 4 months ago Report

Good to see you back again!

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