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Im a just another vore fan here to read and write stories. F/M or F/F mostly
Please feel free to comment

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Kurumu was really enjoying her stay at Las Vegas. Between staying in 5-star hotel, amazing sights day through night, and all the humans she could eat? Yeah, she was in succubus paradise. She had devoured six people in total at the restaurant and arcade, though the whole affair had taken five hours. She had finished and returned to the hotel earlier then she thought she would, so Kurumu had stayed in her bed for rest of the day. She spent the whole time drumming her fingers over her belly that co

Rei was sitting upon a bench outside the school she attended, having chosen to work on her new power after school. She made sure to pick a relatively inconspicuous spot as the students were leaving the building. She could faintly hear some of them complaining about the giant crystalline Angel's corpse in the middle of the city and how it was a hassle to get around with it blocking several large streets. Looking out at the horizon at the said corpse, she knew it would take a long while for Nerv c

Moka wore a sinister smirk as she waited in her chair facing the door to her dorm room. She was awaiting her next food. She had texted Yukari earlier, telling her to come to her dorm room before speaking to anyone else. She remained naked as she knew the little witch was bisexual and would be too distracted by her new assets to question how she got them.

So she sat crossed legged, waiting patiently for her next victim. After 15 m

Waking up, Kurumu shrugged off the covers to her bed. She felt


with energy! Getting off the bed, completely nude, she began to get ready for her day, starting with a simple shower. When she felt the warm water start pelting her, Kurumu thought back to what happened last night after she arrived. She had devoured 3 people off the streets and made her way to Lilith's Domain, a five-star hotel that was run by an Arch Succubu

As the sun began to set on one of the biggest, most energetic cities of America, Las Vegas there was a single sixteen-year-old girl walking the streets, with big plans for her last week before she attended Yokai Academy. She had ocean blue hair, which is tied back with a purple maid headband that has one gold star on the left side. She has deep purple eyes with thick long black eyelashes and also has G-cup breasts, which she takes great pride in having at 16. She wore a tight black hot pants tha

Trianna rested in her current room in city of Cithri in Surda, reflecting on how her life had changed since she ate the young boy Eragon. Altering the memories of everyone Eragon had came in contact with was tiresome but with her new found energy from digesting him helped alot. Now everyone believed that she was the true dragon rider and she relished the perks of it even if it was tiring at times. Killing that shade Durza had made her famous as one of the very few to kill a shade and better it h

Tae Takemi was very satisfied with her life right now because for the past months she had been dating her lover. Akira Kurusu was many things, leader of the Phantom Thieves, transfer student, her guinea pig, a fool, but most of all her boyfriend. She never thought she would date a technical minor nor having passionate lover with one either.

"Ahhhh!" Tae moaned feeling her insides fill up with white lava.

Moka was having a tough time she had lost her seal and thus her outer sister-like persona while many would think that Inner Moka hated being sealed that and don't be mistaken she did but she never wished her other pink haired self gone. Her sister had sacrificed the seal to save the barrier hiding Yokai Academy from the rest of the world but at the cost at her own life, a fact that devastated her and the boy her sister persona loved, the human boy Tsukune. Another thing that bothering her was he

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