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“So let me get this straight. Odin is making mistakes, because he developed an obsession for a man he wants to control. And said man is able to make miracles, because he’s finding… what, exactly?” Joshua said, probably in need to take the conversation back to a level he could follow.

Skeptical he came, skeptical he remained. But the old one chuckled a bit at this. It was so nice to see the raw shape, wit

“Seriously? You knew where to find bombs and we had to wait for your crazy alter ego to use it? Wasn’t it an emergency enough?”

Jozie couldn’t help the remark that crawled in the back of her mind at approaching the stairs plunging into darkness. Adam casually grabbed a torch on the wall and made the dragoness light it, but it didn’t fully erase the anxiety. Close and dark places clearly weren’

The old one had returned to his lair a few hours ago, but his breathing still struggled to totally find a peaceful state. The downside of old age, every effort felt like the last. However, these weren’t the last. The massive white dragon knew his time hadn’t come yet. All he could do for now, was resting to keep his last forces for when they’d be needed most.

That was where most were wrong. He didn’t actu

« You’re okay ? » Jozie asked when he finally emerged from his dark cave.

It wasn’t even said sarcastically. Adam had changed a lot, undeniably. But this, she knew about. This hadn’t changed. And this wasn’t something she assumed to be simulated. The woman’s first priority, despite all he did and said in front of her, was to know if he overcame it and was ready to interact

Loki had been walking in circles in front of the door of Odin’s personal room for the last thirty minutes at least. The ruler of Westenheim knew that sooner or later, he would have to face him, but he was at his hundredth mental scenario and still not figuring how he should introduce himself to Odin, after such immense failure.

All he wanted was to warn, to do his duty toward the man who taught him everything. He even invo

”I don’t understand what he’s doing…” Jozie spoke with sincere worries. The same worries she had from the moment he went standing in front of this army, but decupled by now.

The man she had before her eyes was nothing like the Adam she knew. He would have never stepped into a conflict, however revolted he was. He would have never talked back to someone. Let alone this confidently. And above all, he

Fenrir was among the rows, in first lines, at the right of Odin. Where else would have he been allowed to stand, but by the side of the master puppeteer himself?

He had no desire to be here. That was exactly the reason why he always tried so hard to avoid taking interest in anything! Because one way or another, his people always managed to reduce it to ashes. Wearing his dragon skull on the head, a convenient obligation to cover

« Everyone wakes up. » Adam announced loudly with an almost singing voice, clapping into his hands.

Jozie groaned, unable to even fake sleeping anymore. The Adam she knew wasn’t such an early bird! Among all, that was the change in him she wished hadn’t happened, on the moment. When she got to a sitting position, the woman realized that, as usual, the lady next to her had been deaf to the call.

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Hi everyone,

Haven't been posting much, mostly because my job takes a lot of my time (and energy) but also because the coming series... how to say, I've been thinking about it since my first series encountered some success. So you can guess that I'm overly anxious at the idea of releasing it, what if I missed a detail important for the next, have I done it right, writers will recognize the feeling. BUT!

The thing is, I hate working for nothing, and there comes a time when I need to kick my own butt and release it. Plus I always loved the pre-Christmas period more than Christmas in itself, the ambiance in the air, the decorations, the cheerful moods, ect... So, I had this little idea of an advent calendar type upload, one chapter a day. It sounds fun^^ This first...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by DespairOfTime 4 years ago Report

Bonjour l'ami !

I'm posting this because of your work, which is truly amazing for someone like me. As you mentionned on one of your comment in one of your post, yeah, it does really brighten my week. I think that lots of people enjoy your work and wanna see more. So I just wanna say bravo and courage for the future ! I give you all of my support !

~a new fan


Posted by playafreek 4 years ago Report

Eagerly awaiting your next post.


Posted by Chrysaor 4 years ago Report

Jte souhaite une bonne année mon draggynours, pleines de surprises et de rebondissements! A commencer par celle-ci:
J'espère que ça te plait beaucoup ^^!


Posted by playafreek 4 years ago Report

Have a Happy New Year!


Posted by playafreek 5 years ago Report

Will there be an Amaria 2 - 15?


Posted by Nomminus 5 years ago Report

Thanks for the fave! :D It's appreciated


Posted by e2s86 5 years ago Report

Merry Christmas!


Posted by PegaSUS 6 years ago Report

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It might be my choice in size difference. I try to keep prey reasonably possible to swallow, but large enough to make a satisfying protrusion, heh! Then just detail them from there.


Posted by PegaSUS 6 years ago Report

<< Reply To learner

Heh, I'm really glad you like them! They're a focal point in the image, so make them special too, y'know?


Posted by PegaSUS 6 years ago Report

Many thanks for the watch! 'Greatly appreciated. ^^


Posted by Thegamingterroriser 6 years ago Report

Hey, it's me , the guy who made that Lynara alt on the Rp site, just wanted to ask if you're still here, I miss you

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