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Hello there! =3

Here's a 25 male human/dragon from the south east of France, hoping to share his occasional work and why not meeting new people with similar tastes=)

To the basics: I like soft oral vore mostly, especially when involving seducing dragonesses as preds. I'm mostly prey and usually prefer a loving endo or full tour over digestion, but my tastes might evolve with my mood, and the confidence people inspire me. I can actually like a wide variety^^ And I love romances; I like to see vore as a trustful loving act.

I'm also a writer and try to learn how to draw. I think my stories will reflect my tastes in vore, since they generally implies relationships between pred and prey. Dragon lovers, you're encouraged to stay for a bit=)

As for RP, please understand that I prefer not to play with other males, unless they are really close friends. I can play as human, dragon, or anthro, but I'm open to other role, just ask^^

I think I spoke enough about me, hope to see you soon. Feel free to PM =)

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The city had been left behind, everything just felt sweet. No worries to have, except maybe a rather wild dragoness to handle. Amaria had behaved so good for so long; the young man knew it would have consequences… He was confident in his capacities to refrain her enthusiasm though. He would just have to remain calm.

The wheel had turned. If he was in charge in the city, he knew that Amaria would claim her rightful author

Amaria smelt the air, looking for a specific scent. His scent. In the nature, she could find him in a matter of seconds, but in the city, it took more concentration.

The dragoness had just finished the little ‘task’ her lover gave her, and now she wondered where she might find him this time. It had been days since the attack. The reconstruction of the city was in good way, people were slowly getting back to their nor

Amaria could move now, but she simply didn’t see the point of it. All she did was looking at the white shape with a blank stare.

“You had promised…” She simply said, a calm accusation to this shadow’s faults. The only thing she cared about, the only one she expected to survive this all. Gone… Because he had listened to this being.

Restrained by chains even an enraged struggle couldn’t break, the dragoness let out a long, complaining roar of pain. Not a loud one, but a necessary one. Inside her chest, she had felt a light dying, a part of her shutting down for good, a hole that enlarged painfully…

“Hey, stay calm, dragon.” The lady warrior got on her guards again, genuinely frightened by her reaction.

The remaining soldiers only had the time to escape as the large metallic door fell heavily on the floor. All of them were on their guards, but their hesitance was nearly palpable. Who could have blamed them?

A large cloud of smoke rose from the entrance, and shadows took shape in its core. Human shapes, distorted in a way that reflected the monsters they were inside. Their contours became more defined when, in calm steps, they d

He didn’t speak a word, and that was the most terrifying… Walking behind him, for the stairs were too narrow to allow her by his side, the dragoness observed her human without even knowing what to say. Like an automat, he repeated his steps, a hand on his sword pommel.

Even if he had never spoken it out loud, the young human admired Bolner. He was the fatherly figure he needed after the disappearance of his parents

bang, and the target fell, dead in an instant. To Alexander, this new
weapon was magical. It felt like unleashing the wrathful power of the
gods themselves… This day was the best he ever lived. Only one
thing did bother the war chief in his march, actually.
incredibly few people around here… It’s like they have already
evacuated…” he said with a glance of suspicion toward the kid
walking at his side.
knew really few of David, but he had known the father for s

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Like the title says, I'll be in Paris for the next 4 days^^ Can't wait, there are always nice cosplayers, and I often see a furry or two.

Japan Expo, here I come :3

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Posted by DespairOfTime 1 year ago

Bonjour l'ami !

I'm posting this because of your work, which is truly amazing for someone like me. As you mentionned on one of your comment in one of your post, yeah, it does really brighten my week. I think that lots of people enjoy your work and wanna see more. So I just wanna say bravo and courage for the future ! I give you all of my support !

~a new fan


Posted by playafreek 1 year ago

Eagerly awaiting your next post.


Posted by Chrysaor 1 year ago

Jte souhaite une bonne année mon draggynours, pleines de surprises et de rebondissements! A commencer par celle-ci:
J'espère que ça te plait beaucoup ^^!


Posted by playafreek 1 year ago

Have a Happy New Year!


Posted by playafreek 2 years ago

Will there be an Amaria 2 - 15?


Posted by Nomminus 2 years ago

Thanks for the fave! :D It's appreciated


Posted by e2s86 2 years ago

Merry Christmas!


Posted by PegaSUS 2 years ago

<< Reply To learner

It might be my choice in size difference. I try to keep prey reasonably possible to swallow, but large enough to make a satisfying protrusion, heh! Then just detail them from there.


Posted by PegaSUS 2 years ago

<< Reply To learner

Heh, I'm really glad you like them! They're a focal point in the image, so make them special too, y'know?


Posted by PegaSUS 2 years ago

Many thanks for the watch! 'Greatly appreciated. ^^


Posted by Thegamingterroriser 3 years ago

Hey, it's me , the guy who made that Lynara alt on the Rp site, just wanted to ask if you're still here, I miss you

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