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« LTOH ? » he called as soon as he stepped in.

Nimera didn’t like this place. She couldn’t exactly put her claw on it, but she felt unwelcomed. And this particular cave, to her, was the creepiest of all. Maybe was it because of its overall structure, it was like she didn’t even want to watch these rocks for too long. Like a bad, persistent gut feeling.

It was a big, uncomfortable moment, alone with that new human. An odd one again. Nimera was pretty sure it was a female, but she didn’t fit either with the ideas she had about human females. From what she had heard, they were told to be usually submissive in front of the males, but this one stood more bravely than any dragon had. And didn’t seem scared to talk back freely, obviously.

In a way, it made the exchange ea

Following the standard ‘Adam procedure’ in case of tantrum, Jozie didn’t speak another word on the way. The dragons walking each side of her weren’t exactly comforting.

She suspected it was on his command. She saw him whispering something to the beasts when he got passed them. It would be his kind to make her uncomfortable on purpose just to have revenge. Revenge for what, this time? The most bothering wa

Thankfully the weather was clement. The breezes of the wind also brought a refreshing touch, yet her face was covered in a thin layer of sweat, fortunately – or unfortunately – hidden by the fall of her long hair over her face. It became quite an annoyance the fifteenth time she had to blow them away.

How stupid she had been; she should have attached them before lifting this other woman on her shoulder! She usually w

« In my time, like in every period of time I guess, there were people obsessed with the end of the world, apocalyptic scenarios. They made all kinds of crazy plans to survive a catastrophe of huge scale. They were sometimes just deranged people but their words held a bit of truth in the end...”

He had radically changed from the moment she took the lead. Just like he said… back to his former self after onl

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When Nimera approached the entrance of the cave, she heard long and loud breaths tinted with shakes in the exhaling. Truth be told, the dragoness was terribly intimidated to step further.

Not for the usual reason though. For once, she wasn’t afraid he’d turn against her in rage. No, she was afraid of the depth of his distress. She had faced many who had suffered loss, but in comparison, they were a fresh wind, when h

Helios didn’t feel comfortable, at all. It was true he had asked the human to teach him, but now that he was heading to the situation itself, the young dragon felt nervous like never before.

It was still a human he faced, and emotionally unstable. What if he hurt him? Or worse, what if he was disappointed in his abilities? He surely didn’t want to upset him!

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Hi everyone,

Haven't been posting much, mostly because my job takes a lot of my time (and energy) but also because the coming series... how to say, I've been thinking about it since my first series encountered some success. So you can guess that I'm overly anxious at the idea of releasing it, what if I missed a detail important for the next, have I done it right, writers will recognize the feeling. BUT!

The thing is, I hate working for nothing, and there comes a time when I need to kick my own butt and release it. Plus I always loved the pre-Christmas period more than Christmas in itself, the ambiance in the air, the decorations, the cheerful moods, ect... So, I had this little idea of an advent calendar type upload, one chapter a day. It sounds fun^^ This first book will be 34 chapters...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by DespairOfTime 1 year ago

Bonjour l'ami !

I'm posting this because of your work, which is truly amazing for someone like me. As you mentionned on one of your comment in one of your post, yeah, it does really brighten my week. I think that lots of people enjoy your work and wanna see more. So I just wanna say bravo and courage for the future ! I give you all of my support !

~a new fan


Posted by playafreek 1 year ago

Eagerly awaiting your next post.


Posted by Chrysaor 2 years ago

Jte souhaite une bonne année mon draggynours, pleines de surprises et de rebondissements! A commencer par celle-ci:
J'espère que ça te plait beaucoup ^^!


Posted by playafreek 2 years ago

Have a Happy New Year!


Posted by playafreek 2 years ago

Will there be an Amaria 2 - 15?


Posted by Nomminus 3 years ago

Thanks for the fave! :D It's appreciated


Posted by e2s86 3 years ago

Merry Christmas!


Posted by PegaSUS 3 years ago

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It might be my choice in size difference. I try to keep prey reasonably possible to swallow, but large enough to make a satisfying protrusion, heh! Then just detail them from there.


Posted by PegaSUS 3 years ago

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Heh, I'm really glad you like them! They're a focal point in the image, so make them special too, y'know?


Posted by PegaSUS 3 years ago

Many thanks for the watch! 'Greatly appreciated. ^^


Posted by Thegamingterroriser 3 years ago

Hey, it's me , the guy who made that Lynara alt on the Rp site, just wanted to ask if you're still here, I miss you

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