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As a well-known porn host on the Internet, I was kidnapped by my perverted fans...

That disgusting man, on my way home after shooting the program, with the medicine I don't know what things, I am confused, weak I was stripped naked by him and swallowed into the stomach one by one.

What does he eat? His stomach stinks, and the thought of being pulled down the toilet by a disgustin

Tatsumaki is shut up in a quiet room with four walls, except for an iron door and a chair, presumably only the pale light from the ceiling lamps.

It's unknown how her powers were taken away from her, and now she's just a damsel waiting for death to strike at any moment.

Outside the house, terrible noises kept coming, starting with a scream from her sister, Fubuki, mingled with an


Friday afternoon at four o 'clock, good Huang Xiao in sending his best friend on the bus, carrying a bag of their own to the direction of the walk, for a no matter where they are more than two hours of the small city, she prefers to walk home, across the three street after left, the nose can smell as a disinfectant, because in the pavement side of the building, Is the only gym in the town, through the window of the inferior to waist high can see the whole city only a swimming pool, every arrive

"According to the new national calendar this year, all homosexual acts will be considered a felony, punishable by capital punishment!"

Inside the palace, on the edge of the queen's soft double bed, the flushed queen sat with the princess in her arms, her white quilt draped over her, as an intruder shouted out the king's new legislation.

"OK, got it, you stand down.



40 square meters, only a hall rental house, live next to a family of three and I, although warm and harmonious, hard to avoid some crowded.

But after tonight, this sweet home will be much easier. After all, I have found a new place to live.

On the evening of August 30, 10 o 'clock, the window facing south of the house was open, because of the convection caused by the valve in the

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