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Melody (Mel*oh*dee (I think this is rarely mispronounced but still...)

Age: 24

Predator Type: Naga

Survival rate: 30%

Full description: A calm, relaxed naga from East Island. As described in her story she has brown eyes, moist pretty lips, and, like her little sister, golden-brown skin, long black hair, and an orange-red tail. Her tail's pattern is slightly different from her little sister's (red hearts instead of pink). As the older sibling Melody has always looked out for T

Rate: 10%
feet(head to ground) 140 feet altogether.
sweet and cheerful naga residing in central East Island. As
described in her first story she has beautiful golden-brown skin,
hazel eyes, long black hair, and a red-orange tail. (Let me go into
more detail. She has a kind, child’s face smile with a dimple on
her right cheek that appears as she smiles. Her tail design has a
horizontal pattern

A New Friend-Fiona's Story

“Ahhhhh!!!” screamed a man. “Mmmm...” moaned a sleeping Fiona. “Run!!! Everyone run for your life!!!” Fiona awoke with a start hearing that. “Oh...and I was dreaming such a pleasant dream too...” she said rubbing her eyes and yawning. She had long green hair and green eyes that matched. She wore a handmade bikini top that that exposed her bare belly and a handmade skirt as well. She walked around the island baref

Hide and Go Hunt-Melody's Story

Three kids from the West islands were sent to the forbidden Eastern Island to find and deliver medical herb for medicine to the Town of Solaris. As the boat arrived on East Island Kevin felt something make that his heart skip a beat. He thought, “Something doesn't feel right this time…” He then decided to try and convince his friends to go back. “We really shouldn't be here… didn't you hear about someone not too far from here g

Dinner & Dessert-Tophina's Story

It was a calm, peaceful night. Derrick, a Caucasian man with black hair and brown eyes, was sent into a forest to get food for his village. He had to gather fruit to eat and herbs to make medicine for the sick. “I'm almost done!” he said to himself. His black pants were torn slightly on his right knee. Derrick also wore a green T-shirt. This man in particular hated the forest since he preferred to stay in the village. Derrick spent ove

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