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Halloween. A night where the young masquerade door to door for treats, and where the not-so-young challenge each other to prove their bravery.
Such is the situation in which a quartet of high school students find themselves. Johnny, the sporty guy with black hair and brown eyes, had been dared by his teammates to spend the night in the old haunted house on the edge of town. Legends said the massive house had belonged to a 17th century witch who haunted the place since being betrayed by a

Eve stretched her back as she straightened up from the clump of herbs she’d been inspecting. She’d been out in the forest all morning gathering healing herbs and medicinal plants for her master, the village healer. She pushed her shoulder length brown hair behind her ears to better hear for the sounds of approaching danger.
A wave of illness had passed through the village recently. With so many in need of care Eve and her master had quickly gone through their supply, and the places t

Not much light penetrates the thick jungle canopy. What light does get through usually shines on the greens and browns of the trees, plants and ground. The only splashes of color come from the occasional flower or animal, most of which were hidden away at this early hour but would soon come out to greet the dawn.
One such thing was Thikanta, a lamia that was currently sleeping up in one of the trees. Her human upper body lay on part of her long snake-like tail, most of which was coiled around th

Things had gone
downhill for the once great mega-city of Apex. Thirty years ago The
Apex Labs and Research Center had been the guiding light of
scientific inquiry, leading the people forward into the future. Until
a pair of rogue test subjects had broken out of the supposedly
unbreakable Center. The cost of repairs required a reduction in
staff, which in addition to the success of the two escapees led to
more test subjects rebelling and breaking out. The mass breakouts led
the Center into financ

Science. It was a
big thing in the mega-city known as Apex. The Apex Labs and Research
Center had been the guiding light of scientific inquiry for over half
a century. It was mandatory that all graduating students in Apex take
a rigorous exam for admission to the Center. Those with the best
scores were granted the great honor and privilege to become a
scientist at the Center, those with adequate scores became assistants
and technicians. And those who didn’t get a good enough score were

It was a quiet
night at the Clearbrook Museum of Archeology. Moonlight shone in
through the panes of the large skylights that capped each wing. A
lone security guard snored at his desk with an empty liquor bottle
laying on its side beneath his limply hanging arm where he dropped it
when he fell into his drunken doze.
Clearbrook was a fairly small town,
the museum staff doubted anyone would go to the trouble of stealing
But off in a wing distant from the
guard station where a new exhibi

“I still can’t
believe your uncle let us borrow his yacht Sally.” Nina said
excitedly as the five girls boarded the vessel.
“And thanks for
inviting us along.” Alexandra added.
“You’re welcome;
I knew you wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity like this.” Sally
said. She had been friends with Nina, Alexandra, Briana, and Kaitlin
since middle school; she didn’t want to leave anyone out of this.
Sally always worried she’d be singled-out since her uncle was quite
wealthy after h

In the town of
Burling there was a large manor on a hill that overlooked the town.
The citizens of the town knew that in the manor lived the White
family, in fact the Whites had been living in that manor for about
two centuries along with their servants, the most well know of these
servants was the Ariknai family.
These days there was
only one from each family in the manor; Stephanie White and Jasmine
Ariknai. Stephanie’s father had died when she was very young,
though her mother had told her

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As my watchers probably know, it’s been quite some time since I last posted anything in my gallery. So in an attempt to break free of this lethargy I’m going to try a new sort of approach to writing. Please feel free to tell others about this so they can express their opinions as well

Basically the idea I have is this:
1. Come up with some ideas for a story; then poll the community as to which plot they want to see made into a full-fledged story, with an option for them to suggest plots provided those plots fall into certain expressed guidelines.
2. Once the plot is chosen poll the community for certain specific elements, such as species of prey/prey etc…
3. Using information from the polls, write the story up to a reasonable point at which a decision must be...
[ Continued ... ]

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