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Tam’s second mistake was looking up.
The buildings stretched impossibly high above him, dwarfing even what he perceived as a skyscraper. The city he was visiting was far more daunting than he had ever expected. Footfalls to his side were very nearly causing quakes to him as macro residents went about their days. He kept to the side of the paved walkway, a path about as wide as a highway to him, to keep from getting trampled underfoot. He glanced anxiously side to side, scanning his sur

The door closes shut behind you, the bustle and stress of the world beyond shuts out as you take a deep breath, grinning with eagerness for the hours that were to come. 
You idly discard your possessions, the apartment not even close to clean as it is, and make your way through the living room, your bedroom soon in sight.  Passing through the kitchen, you hesitate, briefly stopping in place as you scan over a peculiar sight. 
Various empty packages of food were strewn about the co

The first step was the hardest, for


like this one...

I hesitated, hearing voices chattering and laughing

like normal

from beyond my door while my heart hammered in my chest.  I watched my own paw hovering over the lock, my foot fidgeting, my tail

Tyler slumped in his seat, staring absently out the window as tree after tree whipped by. Grant and Maria chatted amongst themselves in the front seats, either oblivious or uncaring that he really wasn't particularly excited to be included in the upcoming festivities. The radio was on, and he was having a tough time following what either had been saying for the last half hour or so, and he felt justified in tuning them out and leaning his head against the window.
He pulled out his phone and en

Travis was a micro, and like all others, he had no memories of what his life had been like before he was shrunk.
At least, that was how everything was explained to him by the others living out a similar fate. It had been a week and half since he had woken up in this strange place, oddly having no real recollection of his past life whatsoever. He could still talk and understand spoken language, but personal facts and experiences were just gone. Another micro had asked him what his name was, an

Jimmy pulled his car into the driveway, nearly whooping out loud when he saw that his long awaited package had finally arrived.
He grabbed his keys and sprinted over to the front door, a grin spreading wide over the fox's face. The box was huge, way bigger than he had been expecting, despite knowing the ballpark dimensions of the newest addition to his collection. He opened the door and started heaving the giant wooden box inside, way heavier than he thought it would be. It took him a good co

Flynn was out of breath.
Sweat dripped down off his body, dampening his fur as he trudged along the rocky path. He glanced down at his phone, watching his gps marker drawing closer to the beacon he had set for the day's hike. The anonymous tip he had read online was seeming less and less likely to yield the magnificent view that had been promised, as each step he took brought him deeper into a valley rather than higher up the peaks.
As the trek has taken him the better part of three hours,

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ropistike's Blog - Playing catch up! Posted 3 years ago

A bit of a story flood today! Been a long while since I've signed on here, so there was a bit of a backlog. If anyone is interested in seeing more, I upload all my vore tales and commissioned art to my FA.


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Whoa! I... Damn! You're the god of Macro/Micro!!!

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Do you have Midnight Caller and Off the Menu?


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Hi there! Thanks for the watch! :)

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Thanks for the watch back mate :D


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Found you!

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