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Royal Experiments
listen up! Tsu, you are to remain outside. You too, Cid. I want you
to guard the bedroom and make sure no other ponies enter besides you
two and the ponies on this list..." He said, handing them both a
list of names.
When will the other ponies be arriving?"
Cadance leaves. She is going to Ponyville to visit Twilight."
good sir."
guards left the room, leaving Shining Armor to get ready for the
night a

go nom?
had been a while since Adagio, Sonata and Aria were banished from
Equestria to another world. Months since they were defeated in the
battle of the bands competition. Tired and beaten, they had retreated
to the everfree forest
can't believe it... It has been months since that Twilight Sparkle
and those rainbooms beat us. How could we let this happen, girls?"
Adagio asked. "I mean, we literally HAD them right where we
wanted. Then that Sunset Shimmer came alon

perplexing peristalsis
young pony with the bacon shaped cutie mark found himself trotting
through ponyville on a fine saturday morning. Several other ponies
were making their way from shop to shop but he was set on one:
Sugarcube corner. He wanted to take his best friend some cupcakes
right from Pinkie Pie herself.
six cupcakes is twelve bits..." he said, counting to make sure
he had enough. "Uhm... On second thought, just three today."
nodded and

little fetish
you tomorrow night for Rarity's party!" Pinkie Pie said as she
left Fluttershy's house. She had little idea as to just what the
theme of the party was. The only thing the invite said was: Bring
somepony or two you care about and be prepared to have fun!
If there was anything Pinkie Pie knew, it was how to have fun.
but who to bring to this party... Aha! I know! I'll bring Double
Diamond and Party Favor! Now those are ponies that know how to have a

Dragon's Accident
The human
yawned as she stepped outside, the morning sun warming her body. As
she looked upward, she saw a sight all too familiar to her: dragons
flying overhead. While this might have been odd to an ordinary human,
to Kelly it was just another typical day. Having lived on the
dragon's world since the death of her parents, it had been years
since she had seen another human.
come on out here. It's a wonderful day."
smiled as her friend Dimon stepped outs

While walking toward your pet horse, you notice his large chest. You quickly think about something: If your horse could actually eat you. Wondering, you approach him and ask.
"Of course I can. My stomach always hungers for you. First, let's have some fun."
You watch as Colt steps toward you, placing his butt mere inches from your face.
"Go on. You know you want to..." Colt teased seductively.
Without hesitation you reach forward and stick your head against his rump and start rubbing it. You find

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