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Hello my fellow vorephiles! Welcome to my page! uwu

Though my original name is shadow, from this point on, I will be signing my art as WitofZaphkiel.

My name is Jeff (for now), my primary characters like Zara, are my alter egos. I also go by Wit, WOZ, Zaph or Wit of Zaphkiel (the ph pronounced like f). Yes, I am aware that my profile pic is of Kurumi from Data A Live. At the time of picking that profile for other sites, I did not know of her origin or that she had an entity called Zafkiel. I will explain:

I play League of Legends and had my original gamer tag to start with. My Friends then went on this archangel kick and decided to change their summoner names to represent an attribute of their gameplay. I followed suit and my attribute was knowledge, as in thinking ahead, calling out plays, etc. Zaphkiel is just another name for the archangel of knowledge, but the word "knowledge" was too long for League, so I shortened it to Wit.

About a year or so, I decided it was time to rebrand myself, I changed my youtube profile pic. Unknowingly, I picked kurumi because she looked cute and matched my aesthetic. At the tail end of 2019, I started watching anime on Funimation, and discovered Date A Live. I watched the entire series that Funimation had available. Once I got to the episode with Kurumi, it all clicked together. I embody Kurumi, as well as Zafkiel or in my case, Zaphkiel. I will never change it, but I am happy with my naming decision.

Though I haven't posted as much on here, or anywhere in long while, it is changing thanks to some inspiration from my city friends. My art consists of weird scenarios, but on Eka's I guess that's normal (hahaha). I am pretty open to the stuff I come up with, I was not a fan of scat in the past, but it is becoming a kink (don't judge me :p). I am more active now, so expect to see more and more from me here on Eka's.

Now some things about myself:

In addition to drawing vore and the like, I am also working on a video game with a friend.

I have a lot of hobbies, mainly drawing, playing video games, sculpting, yu-gi-oh, writing and playing D&D.

And don't forget to comment on artwork you like. I check Eka's often and read every comment.


REQUESTS: I consider my art good enough to be worth money. If you don't like it, then there's the door. It my be selfish, but artists need money to live too, so I don't take requests.


GIFTS: Are something I only do to my dearest and most important friends. If you ask for a gift, I will automatically put YOU on the "GREEDY AND EVIL PEOPLE" blacklist. So let me decide if I want to do them by myself okay?

TRADES: same story as Gifts. I only trade with friends. If you ask for a trade, I will do the same as gift requests and blacklist you.

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Greetings all. Just letting everyone who watches, that I will be taking a bit of a break from character reference creation so that I can work on a D&D campaign. I have another character in the bank, she should be uploaded soon-ish, but after that the break will begin. I don't anticipate I will be gone long, just need to shift my focus to writing and art for this pirate campaign. Anyways, thnx for following and reading!

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Posted by MadsRogue 5 years ago Report

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Thank you! Was a gift from my bestie :D


Posted by Mid_Night 6 years ago Report

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you are most welcome :D


Posted by RavenXeo 6 years ago Report

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That would be wonderful! i have like...14 characters who have no form T.T I dont really have money to afford commissions though...

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Posted by l3objones22 7 years ago Report

Tyvm for watching :)


Posted by soki 7 years ago Report

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That's great! ^^


Posted by Navaras 7 years ago Report

Hello and welcome to the portal! ^^

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Posted by Captainnosebleed 7 years ago Report

Hello and welcome to Eka's Portal :) I saw your futa stuff I like it :) Do you want to talk sometime?


Posted by soki 7 years ago Report

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Hello! To submit photos you must send a private message to a moderator, for example Eka, and he/she will abilitate your gallery! I hope to have been helpful! :D


Posted by shadowdemon56 7 years ago Report

>.< Why wont Eka's Portal let me submit photos?

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