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a grape flavored kitty just poking around and dose some writing mainly found on FA but decided to do some stuff on here

Mainly do vore related stories

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The night air was cool and crisp with the sounds surrounding places shutting down for the night. Shops closing their doors for the night and the buzz of street lights coming on. As the city block readied for night a young man walked down the sidewalk with a smile on his face anticipating things beyond his most wild dreams. He turned twenty-one two months ago, standing around five foot eleven lean and toned with a track star body. His hair a brilliant golden blond and length down to his shoulde

The day had been long as the young
rabbit Sal sighed and leaned against his register. The bunny was
blue and only nineteen. He still had five hours to go before he
could home and it was not going by fast. He looked around and sighed
again as no one was even in the store. The bunny perked his ears up
when he heard the doors open. He looked over and his mouth fell open
as the hottest tiger he had ever seen walked in. The guy had to be
late twenties to early thirties and where wearing a very

afternoon air was crisp and cool as a breeze flowed though Dax's
black fur. The large Siberian husky sat on the trunk of his car in a
field lost in thought and the sounds of nature. He had driven out to
the abandoned field to try and clear his head. He had always been
the quiet type, a bit aloof to others but very protective of his
friends, hard working, and honest. The type of wolf who could not
stand It had been two years since he had realized he was actually a
pred and had devoured

Rick could not help
but feel a pit in his stomach as he followed his hawk friend down the
hall to the owner of the club’s office. The more he tried to
reassure himself that everything was fine the more he felt it was
not. The hallway seemed a lot longer than what it was with different
doors to different private rooms that club patrons could use with a
small fee to be paid after. The hallway itself was dimly light with
dark purple wall paper and a dark burgundy carpet that was somewhat

It was dusk
as the street lights started to light up, and two figures walked the
streets. On the left was a seven foot tall muscle bound rabbit, and
on the right a skinny twig of a wolf standing only five foot six.
The two walked hand and hand down the street, the wolf nuzzling his
head against the taller rabbit’s arm.
“You have been
really quiet today hun, is everything ok? You were so persistent to
want to go to this club all week,” the wolf said as he rubbed his
head against his love

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still around just figured I would up date

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Hi there I'm so glad you like my stories. As to the names I am planing on using different people but have just been using these characters for the time being, as they fit into the scenarios.


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