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The Growth By Rhewin

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Tags: Absorption Cock Growth Cock Vore Cum Cum Transformation F/F Futanari Herm/F Human Sex Edit

One Tag Per Line!

Well, here is my first cock vore story. Yes, it has a dickgirl rather than an actual male. If you don't like Futa, don't read it, and for the love of God don't comment on how it would have been better with a male.

This story is about a girl (yes, a girl) who finds herself with a very unusual growth. That is, she has a penis. In the story you'll find excessive masturbation, sex and some F/F cock vore. The first F, of course, stands for Futa :D

Why I wrote it with two females you ask? Well, I find CV very appealing. The male body, not so much. I want my preds and prey to be attractive, and to me that means female. The one exception I make with males is furries, but I am neither a furry (pay no mind to my avatar, he's a liar) nor to I write for them (again, the avatar is lying). No offense to anyone out there who likes males, it's just not my thing.

With this being my first CV story, I'd really like feedback. I hope you enjoy!

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Posted by Archangel 7 years ago

Great story. Loved it.


Posted by Houyo 7 years ago

Pretty awesome.


Posted by EveAra 7 years ago

Fun story!


Posted by Vorefreak 7 years ago



Posted by Thebob 7 years ago



Posted by Rhewin 7 years ago

Thanks to all of you for the positive feedback so far. Glad to know you guys like the story. I wasn't too sure how it turned out myself.

Keep an eye out, I'll probably keep this character in reserve for a rainy day.


Posted by gr8fzy1 7 years ago

Well written, looking forward to more!


Posted by Bitter 7 years ago

One thing I'd point out in the way of constructive criticism is that your tone is fairly clinical at the very beginning of the story. Part of it is word choice; "hugely aroused" is an awkward phrase, and "engorged" is not a word that rolls well off the tongue. The other part is cadence-- I notice a lot of quick, simple sentences that feel overly terse and informational more than passionate. It smoothed out once you got into the character interactions, however, and for the most part the writing is well-formed.

Thanks for writing this, and I look forward to what else you produce.


Posted by Rhewin 7 years ago

Yeah, I see your point. I mostly write that way because I think that way. I want my readers to know exactly what I mean when I say something, hence the informative-style writing, but I could see how that might take away from one's experience. The character interactions are easier for me because I view it as relating a conversation rather than describing an event. I will definitely work on trying to smooth it out some.

As for word choice, that's kinda my thing (assuming I know what you're talking about ^^). Like said, I write the way I think. What's the best way to describe this? Well, in short, I get some sort of sadistic joy by bending the English language to a point in which it screams for mercy. Then, realizing just how badly I have harmed it, I let it unbend itself and the two of us go get a coffee while I apologize for my rude behavior. As it begins to forgive me, I slap it and call it a whore. Make sense?

Needless to say, you don't want to read the unedited version of this. It is an unfortunate trait that I do try to suppress for the sake of my readers. Unfortunately I really do enjoy writing with unusual wording, so it's going to pop up from time to time. Don't take me wrong, I deeply appreciate this kind of criticism as it keeps me grounded. But I write stories like this for myself, and they're going to sound the way I like them to sound.

soulless chao

Posted by soulless chao 7 years ago

Wait was Mr.brown in the last story?


Posted by Rhewin 7 years ago

Yep, reocurring character ^^ .


Posted by chargerse 7 years ago

This story is awesome. Please write more about Kelsey she is my favorite cock vore character ever.


Posted by Rhewin 7 years ago

wow, thanks!


Posted by Imrhys 7 years ago

OMG, its rare I find CV I like *I am a major fan of futa, but at times the area is lacking story wise* and this was wow.

Nice twist of it needing to be fed to keep performing and that constant size growth as it grows hungrier was an excellent answer to my age old problem of how to feed these things <3


Posted by Rhewin 7 years ago

I hold to the belief that there's nothing a good futa cock can't do. I'm glad to know you liked it so much :)


Posted by chargerse 7 years ago

To true sir. So please write more stories with huge futa cocks.


Posted by dragon32078 7 years ago

I too, love this character and hope to read another story with hir in it.


Posted by futavorelover 7 years ago

LOVE this story it's my all time fav futa cock vore story
please make more


Posted by Doom-Guy 7 years ago

Only one nineth of the way through it and I LOVE it!


Posted by koga_3456789 6 years ago

got to do another one


Posted by LastRider100 6 years ago

Brilliant :)


Posted by wolf_3456789 6 years ago

You have to more of this story


Posted by Julia 6 years ago

Honestly? It would NOT be better with a man. This was outright orgasmic, imho. I'd like to see more like this, maybe a sequel?


Posted by shabbacabba 6 years ago

This cannot be the first time you wrote CV, its way too amazingly awesome!


Posted by Bookie 4 years ago

By far the best CV story I've ever read.
Keep it up ! :D


Posted by VoreLover9012 3 years ago

Best cock vore story ever


Posted by VoreLover9012 3 years ago

I'm planning on turning this into a comic sometime in the future, is that okay?


Posted by Rhewin 3 years ago

Sorry for the late reply. I'd love to see that ^^


Posted by mallowsal 2 years ago

Follow up story PLEASE


Posted by G0DF1RE 1 year ago

need more that was awesome !