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Welcome to MY dungeon By Karbo

Uploaded: 8 years ago

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The princesses have gone berserk X3

Continuation of a previous picture:

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Posted by Frakass 8 years ago

Génial!!! :-D

Tout ce que j'aime en une image!


Posted by Karbo 8 years ago

Merci :D


Posted by chaosnasder 8 years ago

je'aimes le picture!!!
je'adore le picture!!!!!


Posted by malus35 8 years ago

Mon dieu qu'il est doué !


Posted by Gloom 8 years ago

*Chuckles* This is so much fun... and amazingly drawn too~


Posted by Doomlycupcake 8 years ago

Game over for bowser


Posted by HitomiBoy 8 years ago

Ehehee such a nice picture ^-^


Posted by Jacquelope 8 years ago

In (Soviet?) Felarya, PEACH EATS YOU?


Posted by Z_Evil 8 years ago

I find it funny how Peach's panties grew/stayed on while Daisy lost hers it seems


Posted by NurseNancy 8 years ago

Peach is more a prim and proper princess than Daisy is. Plus Daisy is a bit of a tom-girl, she probably loves going without panties. Hehe at least that's my theory and I'm sticking to it.


Posted by venom9999 8 years ago

well she might have a green bush


Posted by NurseNancy 8 years ago

I wonder if Mario is next on the menu and if so, where's Luigi?


Posted by Hawksoul08 8 years ago

I like this !
A lot !!


Posted by Angel 8 years ago

Whoa, Peach makes such a cute predator, even when she is all giant and greedy. Love it!


Posted by Tsavo 8 years ago

Peach is always impossibly cute. I love the little details like Magikoopa and Lakitu trying fruitlessly to attack Peach.


Posted by Jurodan 8 years ago

Wait, is Daisy eating a tree in the background? Or is that a castle? Wait, what? I am severely confused.

Beautiful and sexy, of course. Love the bodywork. The only thing that sticks out as odd to me is Peach's lip, which somehow seems wrong to me, but I can't explain why...


Posted by ElPortero 8 years ago

It's a castle, because the original pun I gave Karbo when suggesting this piece was: "Sorry, Mario, but your castle is in another princess." :P


Posted by Jurodan 8 years ago

Ah. That makes sense. At least it's pun-ny.


Posted by kidclef 8 years ago

awesome job, man. that lakitu in the top corner is just hilarious


Posted by Soul_Of_The_Wind 8 years ago

to die in princesse peach,s stomach is in it own way A blessing ^_^


Posted by Ashei 8 years ago

Best level ever...

Cloud Nine

Posted by Cloud Nine 8 years ago

Mario- aahh crap not again..


Posted by deleteduser301 7 years ago

I am surprised I did not comment on this.. So much awesome, so much hotness. Poor Mario.. at least there will always be Smash Brothers.. just hope they don't have that attack in there ^^


Posted by SomeGuy1294 5 years ago

Mario:... I think I ate one too many mushrooms.


Posted by UnknownPerson9876 6 months ago

Bowser could just go giga bowser and beat ‘em, still gottalove this picture