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A Sweet Human Meal for a Demon Mother -Fin By Nitro_Titan -- Report

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And using her trusty blade, Aniece manages to tear a hole in her mother's thick skin to help Ami escape before she's juiced up and sent in lower to the deeper stomaches.

In the course of time, Aniece's devil mother is quite furious (meh, she looks casually "ticked off") from the heineous act her daughter has done.

Oh, that wound? Yeah, demons are immortal, so she's not feeling no pain and it'll heal up if Ami doesn't hurry up.

As for those 2 girls in the stomach...
...who knows where they went...

(and yeah, as I said Aniece's Mother's Devil side has totally erased her human side. So she'll even eat her own daughter if she wanted to)

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Posted by Gloom 7 years ago Report

*Chuckles* I love how indifferent the mother is, and how oblivious Ami is. Lucky gals seem to have gotten lost in the chocolate slide~


Posted by Firstfate 7 years ago Report

I wonder how long it will be before Ami visits the chocolate chute club again? and maybe next time she'll bring friends :)


Posted by Anono1323 7 years ago Report

R.I.P two girls....well amis ok YAY!


Posted by Kanosint 7 years ago Report

This series is pretty much confirming that you're my fave vore artist <3 It's so... murr <3


Posted by Leika 7 years ago Report

Aww. I feel sorry for the monstrous remorseless demon glutton lady, but I guess it had to end this way.


Posted by Nitro_Titan 7 years ago Report

She'll probably catch them again and eat em.


Posted by Leika 7 years ago Report



Posted by DarkArtist 7 years ago Report

As she should! Gluttonous demonesses shouldnt allow their children to ruin their meals. XD


Posted by Tsunami-Jurai 7 years ago Report

If she ate her own daughter don't you think that being her daughter would make her resistant to her moms stomach if she did swallow her?


Posted by Nitro_Titan 7 years ago Report

Naw, she'll go down like any other person.


Posted by Monkeyboi111 7 years ago Report

Loving the characters and this particular set of images, but I'd love to see an after-ending pic of that happening. I could see Aniece's mother saying something nonchalant about getting to join her friend in the churning.

Keep up the good work regardless!


Posted by Bright 7 years ago Report

I normally cheer for the predator, but I am rather glad Ami got rescued.

Also, I think Aniece is cute.


Posted by Turbotowns 7 years ago Report

doesn't that hurt? O.o

Oh, and, um... i'm sorry about everything i said before, i tend to speak(or type then immediately submit(which is stupid))without common sense... or inappropriately... -sigh-


Posted by Nitro_Titan 7 years ago Report

She's a demon. It'll probably feel odd, but I doubt it'll be pain.


Posted by Turbotowns 7 years ago Report

ah, ok.


Posted by Masquerade 7 years ago Report

I would pay cash money to see Aniece's Mother eat 'em both.



Posted by steven1950 7 years ago Report

i agree with bright i love her as a pred *laughs*but even sertant prey im sorry to see goe forever


Posted by Imrhys 7 years ago Report

Hmmm, a 'what if' of momma here devouring her daughter for 'revenge' and us getting to see what really happens to her prey. I'm thinking knowing a bit of your preferences that they aren't digested, but absorbed and not really killed. Wish I had the money to find out >_>


Posted by Shinnigami 7 years ago Report

Normaly this ending would be a little gorey for my tastes, but your characters are justcartoony enoigh to where i dont take this seriously enought to be put off by the ending. Rather this is now one of my fav series. I hope you do more with the demon mom. Honestly, my top two preds are characters kf yours, Mom.E (Coc.o) and Anice's mom. God if the two of them were put together, the line to get eaten would be a mile long.


Posted by stevebat 7 years ago Report

Im a little curious How anice managed to find Ami.


Posted by Zoekin 7 years ago Report

Wow. Talk about your narrow escapes!


Posted by Managor 7 years ago Report

The Eyelander


Posted by daine1240 7 years ago Report

RIP Dura. RIP Unknown character.
Say. If it closed ON Ami, wouldn't "The Bitch" Have an extended Belly button? and noting Ami's new abilities, couldn't she just reform herself in the chocolate tube?


Posted by Topazert 7 years ago Report

YES!!!:) I was waiting for some one to do that, cutting your way out of someones innards in an epic fashion.


Posted by Phyllobates 6 years ago Report

Man, this would be really hot if I didn't know that the two crotchs you can't see have dicks coming out of them.



Posted by daddison09 6 years ago Report

Ill go in


Posted by Bloodripper2 6 years ago Report

A Happy Ending...


Posted by x9comega 6 years ago Report

Question: Do Ami's powers work inside a stomach? Like, can she bite the walls and take over the body from there?


Posted by Donkata 5 years ago Report

So this is pre-dicked Ami or was she born with it. Sorry I got confused from seeing no pecker on Ami on the first page @[email protected]


Posted by nnickerson100 4 years ago Report

nick: i dont need help getting out. i know how to get out by myself. i can crawl up the way i came in or take the "back door" either way i would be fine. its easy for me to push my self through too since i am a minccino.