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The tiger hunt 2 By Strega -- Report

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But Hendrickson didn't answer, unless you count the one last, mannerless belch before the radio went dead. The next morning Winchester was not surprised to again find the radio outside his bungalow, resting atop a mound of bile-dampened safari clothing.

Right outside his bungalow, and right outside a window blocked only by mosquito netting. The tiger was sending a message: it knew who he was, knew that he was sending hunters to kill it, and the only reason he wasn't in its stomach right now was that it didn't mind one bit.

Why would it mind, after all, when he kept sending it such fine meals?

For some reason the idea of the tiger taunting the hunter appeals to me, so here he is again. It occurs to me I've drawn preds in more or less this exact pose a whole bunch of times, but it didn't occur to me in time to change it. Ah well. 83

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Posted by miranda_dragon 11 years ago Report

It's a good pose though. Shows off the belly good and gives a sense of satisfaction.


Posted by Imrhys 11 years ago Report

Ahahahaha, well I'd think hunters would a furry's natural enemy and preferred prey when they can be "captured" <3

Love the idea behind this, lol.


Posted by Cougar 11 years ago Report

I'm somewhat surprised that the tiger didn't leave other parting gifts for Winchester outside of his bungalow. 83


Posted by Strega 11 years ago Report

The thought did occur, but most people don't like to hear about that sort of thing. A ball of clothing/hairball is my compromise.


Posted by Cougar 11 years ago Report

Ah, okay!


Posted by Guzame 11 years ago Report

Heh, that's a shame. The implied digestion that hairballs with clothes,hair and bones mixed in is a good compromise to get the message across of what happened to the one who got eaten though.


Posted by neferkare 11 years ago Report

"You fool, Warren is DEAD!" -- HPL


Posted by Strega 11 years ago Report

The Statement of Randolph Carter was made into a fine and amusing song by the HPL Historical Society. 83


Posted by Eupeptic 11 years ago Report

Epic sideburns are epic. :)