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The tiger hunt By Strega -- Report

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Carruthers never answered the radio, but the next morning, when he found it atop a pile of regurgitated safari clothing that stank of bile, Winchester knew the tiger hunt had in fact gone to plan.

At least, it had for the tiger...


I took a break from the gold dragon pics to draw this somewhat generic vore pic. The original theme was the tiger was going to be holding the radio against his belly. Maybe I'll use that in another drawing. 83

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Posted by orca13 11 years ago Report

Very cool!


Posted by Cougar 11 years ago Report

He found the Tiger all right! 83


Posted by Gloom 11 years ago Report

Mmh. Hunt went very well, at least for the tiger! Very sexy setup, talking to digesting gruble belly ^^


Posted by Achilles 11 years ago Report

Great job, the right end of the hunt for the tiger.

(PS: And it is good to see Tiger in the correct position in the food chain: 3)


Posted by icn 11 years ago Report

I do like it when the pred plays with the mind of whoever they didn't eat.


Posted by ilbv 11 years ago Report

You are the best! I suggest a shark version of this some how XD


Posted by Eupeptic 11 years ago Report

> The original theme was the tiger was going to be holding the radio against his belly.

<pedantic_mode>The radio needs VOX for that to work right, in this situation. Unless the tiger is kind enough to operate the push-to-talk button.</pedantic_mode> We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.


Posted by Strega 11 years ago Report

Well of course the tiger would be pressing the push to talk button. If he's smart enough (and sadistic enough) to hold the radio against his belly he's smart enough to push the button. 83


Posted by Imrhys 11 years ago Report

Nice change of pace and color schemes.


Posted by Sith 11 years ago Report

Always love seeing a nice greedy feral with a bulging full gut of prey from you Strega. <3~ I kinda had the idea at first that the bulge of the radio was on its way down his throat or bulging out his belly somewhere... or maybe even speaking out of his rump after being quickly full tours, but then you wouldent know whats talking out of their so well without an internal shot, that would be cool, but I like the cheekyness of the tiger holding the radio up to his belly too, that should defiantly be a considered idea. =P


Posted by Strega 11 years ago Report

I have a couple more ideas for the tiger hunt theme, so maybe we'll see the tiger again soon. 83


Posted by Sith 11 years ago Report

I sure hope so, he sure knows how to show off a full bulging gut. 83


Posted by Kiala_Tiagra 11 years ago Report

oh how dying i am to be a prey XD


Posted by mistvulpin 11 years ago Report

He is quite the handsome feline isn't he?