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Ria's anatomy By Strega -- Report

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Ria is probably my oddest character and the only one that cannot function without me throwing up my hands and saying "It's magic." Micropreds (preds significantly smaller than their prey) require certain sacrifices -- namely, any hint of realism.

She's cute though. 83

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Posted by Dracoooo 7 years ago Report

And what a magical pred she is. :)
Some stuff in here I never knew about her before. Namely her huge capacity. O.O
Always neat to see something involving her. There wouldn't happen to be any pictures of her after fattening herself up would there? :D


Posted by Strega 7 years ago Report

She first appeared in a strip called Sillybearcoon, which you can find in my 2002 gallery:


Posted by Jack 7 years ago Report

It is always nice to see some detailed information about characters. Even better, if it goes along with some scribblings.
Very nice. Thanks!


Posted by miranda_dragon 7 years ago Report

I rarely pull the magic card myself, but am tempted to do so for an odd idea myself.

I've always found Ria to be amusing.


Posted by Kiala_Tiagra 7 years ago Report

i so want her to eat me now. i love anemones


Posted by Bright 7 years ago Report

Ooh, interesting anatomy chart.

I laughed at the inflate/teleport piece.


Posted by orca13 7 years ago Report

I have always loved her, I have dreamt of me as my orca character Todd being eaten alive by her, and unbirthed by her. She's a really great pred


Posted by ublover1 7 years ago Report

Mrrrrrr who says after i hd have sex with her that i wouldnt want inside? lol rofl


Posted by maraudingmarauder 7 years ago Report

Okay, the inflating then teleporting around someone is a new trick. Will have to remember that one!


Posted by Strega 7 years ago Report

I always thought it was kinda cheap, and only did it twice when Ria was having troule getting anyone's attention. And only one of those times did she actually teleport. The other time the prospective prey turned out to be an UB fan and he "accidentally" slipped and pushed his feet into Ria's unmentionables, with predictable results. 83


Posted by Imrhys 7 years ago Report

"the only one that cannot function without me throwing up my hands and saying "It's magic."" ahahahaha. Of course most of my preds have this "problem" but my fondness OF magic... well, hehehe


Posted by keyblademark 7 years ago Report

that was a great info of her, awesome done strega ^^


Posted by LordMilkman 7 years ago Report

Fun with math! Given her capacity being that of an 8' sphere, Ria could not only fit Hialfi, but do so with lots of room to spare. Doing some quick calculations puts her at a capacity in excess of 6 tons of flesh-density stuff. That's in the region of 70 man-sized creatures, assuming a weight of about 170 lbs. each.

However, volume would not be the limiting factor in what and how much she could eat - surface area would be the constraint she would have to follow. Since a sphere is the most conservative of shapes, she would have to eat smaller or very flexible things to reach this amount.

I could blather some more about math and physics, but since I don't know if it's interesting I'll stop for now.


Posted by Strega 7 years ago Report

Yeah, I've done the math too. She is more likely to hit a limit of orifice expansion when eating big things than a belly capacity limit.