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Vinyl scratch and Octavia(DIGESTION!) By GTSdev

Uploaded: 4 years ago

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Tags: Digestion Friendship is Magic Goo Hard Vore Love My Little Pony Octavia Silly Soft Vore Stomach Vinyl Scratch Edit

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This little piece is a WIP acturally, just a mashed sketchup which i might line up.

Its basicly a silly story between the popular background characters: Vinyl Scratch and Octavia.


A love story really.

Also, silly.

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Posted by TheUnknown 4 years ago

That is so sad.. So well drawn.. And.. Beep boop, of as always, silly :3


Posted by GTSdev 4 years ago

yus! :3


Posted by CottonCandy 4 years ago

Awwwwesome! Will we see this one colored? :>


Posted by Optica 4 years ago

That's pretty dark... yet so lovely.



Posted by GTSdev 4 years ago

Yah.. i know.. just felt some love in it, so i kinda went ahead and drew it.. i will have to set it up differently for lineart, so it will be over 2 or 3 pages


Posted by Optica 4 years ago

Awesome! :3


Posted by PonyThroat 4 years ago

My my, that was good. And digestion is growing on me, so nice!


Posted by vorehound52 4 years ago

I hope that means you might try drawing it, because that'd be a dream come true.

48th agent

Posted by 48th agent 4 years ago

Oh, there go my emotions again. Now I have to go cry for about an hour.

Trying to imagine either of them not being voraphiles or anything of the kind really makes this all the more heart wrenching.


Posted by The_Prof 4 years ago

man you so silly


Posted by FlutterDash69 4 years ago

Hey there! It's seems like it's been a while! Wonderful sketch and usually I don't enjoy hard vore, but this was well done! And Octavia and Vinyl aren't done as much as others. :D


Posted by Ky-Guy 4 years ago

Really cute work. :3


Posted by Vidofinir 4 years ago

Oh my god, this is awesome! Fave'd ^^


Posted by silverspec 4 years ago

This is pretty neat.


Posted by apples323 4 years ago

Always great stuff from you gts. Does this mean you'll start drawing a bit more? =D


Posted by HughMann 4 years ago

What a snug fit, and more than enough to turn me green with envy. Great work as usual Dev


Posted by LightNight 4 years ago

Nice, sad and lovely story:D


Posted by vorehound52 4 years ago

This is genuinely the most amazing vore pic I've ever seen, I can't explain how much I would like to see it finished.


Posted by Ulquiorra 4 years ago

I love it when the pred struggles. Very well done!


Posted by Louis112 4 years ago

I'd really love to see this piece colored ^^


Posted by Setheroth 4 years ago

I would really love to see this comic in colour ^^. Really great drawing definitely faving


Posted by JoseCA 4 years ago

nice story from start to finish :P


Posted by Detinysham 4 years ago

I can't believe that you did this. You're just going to let my beloved Tavi die? How could you do such a thing? This isn't like you at all. You have done relatively horrible things in the past, but this is the final straw. I'm sorry, but I've lost a lot of respect in you as of the day I found this. This is simply inexcusively horrible, and I had honestly expected better from you. Please, in the future, refrain from this brutal murder, especially of the mares I love, and I would greatly appreciate it if you did something to make up for this terror. You can continue on with your voraphilic ways, but please, don't let this horror happen again...please..


Posted by GTSdev 4 years ago

hmm. I dont understand whats most hillarious here. Your disrespect for the differenties of peoples fetishes, or that you act as if this was a real action. Are you one of those types who say, log in to an MMORPG and think what happens is real? No ponies were hurt in the making of this comic, relax silly.


Posted by Humbug 3 years ago

So your recent pic made me check out your "fatal vore" folder, since I didn't remember any other fatal things you'd done, and I came across this comment chain because I love reading the comments on fatal pony vore stuff (People really get upset about this kind of thing, and I have a morbid fascination with seeing people react like this).

You know what's even more hilarious about this Detinysham guy?
He registered about 10 minutes before he posted this comment, and this is the only comment he ever posted. Also, he never visited the Portal after that.

Apparently you really made an impact with this picture, for someone to go through all that effort just to tell you what a horrible person you are!


Posted by MyLittleFeast 4 years ago

Oh, GTSDev, I am impressed! As far as I am aware this is your first 'death' digestion, yes?


Posted by GTSdev 4 years ago

It is, and im not sure what to think ^^'


Posted by MyLittleFeast 4 years ago

Well think of death by digestion a silly way to bond with another mare as quite literally it is, in fact, bonding! Physical bonding but still bonding!! :D


Posted by GTSdev 4 years ago

xD .. well im afraid i will hold abit back on digestion. It has some lovely times for me sometimes, but .. i really just wanna make my fans happy. While i gained some watchers after the upload, i lost some too. i just want that, the people who are watching me, watch me for the general non-fatal vore i do, so im not sure how often i will do death vore.


Posted by MissingNO123 4 years ago

Fun fact: horses can't throw up


Posted by flynnrenning 3 years ago

Hey, you seem to have the same problem as me when it comes to muscle control sometimes, how do you get your strokes to be so smooth in your other pictures? (I ask because finding out how to make my strokes smooth is one of the 4 things I need to become a good artist.)


Posted by GTSdev 3 years ago

Paint tool SAI. Stabilizaer to s-7 c:


Posted by flynnrenning 3 years ago



Posted by ButtPlug 3 years ago

Much sad ending, but alas, the vores must go on.


Posted by InvasionEra 3 years ago

Beep bop brun brando!


Posted by ControllerSkies 2 years ago