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Starcross Anal Vore Sequence By Starcrossing

Starcross finds a willing participant for some anal vore!

This took awhile, but it was a ton of fun to draw. I'm looking forward to drawing Starcross in other vore situations in the future. I'm sure anal vore isn't the only type she's capable of.

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Posted by justanothermeal 5 years ago

not a big fan of same size personally, but the art style was beautiful 4 out of 5 stars


Posted by CGR-7 5 years ago

Not bad, Star. Not bad at all. =D

If I may ask: was this hand drawn or by computer (like with Manga Studio)?


Posted by Starcrossing 5 years ago

This was drawn in Manga Studio with an Intuos tablet. I'm slowly but surely figuring out the software.


Posted by CGR-7 5 years ago

*Nods* Thought so. I'm still weighing on whether or not to purchasing that program.
Might you tell me what version you're using?


Posted by Starcrossing 5 years ago

Manga Studio 5. It's got a slightly odd interface, but the amount of useful features it contains more than makes up for some strange menu organization.


Posted by CGR-7 5 years ago

Thank you, I appreciate it. =)


Posted by Saiai 5 years ago

Wow, I am not a fan of AV but this was really great, I have to say it's the art style. Bravo!


Posted by Starcrossing 5 years ago

Thanks! Glad you could appreciate it, even if you're not into this stuff specifically. I'll definitely be putting this character into other non-AV situations in the future.


Posted by Liz 5 years ago

Good to see she is a predator, I wonder if she will fall prey as well <3


Posted by Dudeox05 5 years ago

Ooooh!~ Some willing AV! This is quite lovely indeed! :3


Posted by oddhis 5 years ago

Very nice, some of the best AV i have seen :D


Posted by NextBowlMovement 5 years ago

Coolies ^^


Posted by NextBowlMovement 5 years ago

Love this character btw ^^


Posted by Putinforgod 5 years ago

Consensual anal vore? All of my love!

Also I must add your style is pretty cute and it looks great on your girls.


Posted by djdeath3 5 years ago

wow looks amazing! nice job :D


Posted by vintious 5 years ago

A good pic, but she got no booty. That's more of my own tastes though.


Posted by alf949 5 years ago

Nice love your style. Please make more av like this


Posted by davidtheotaku 5 years ago

Well thats going in the favorites ASAP..


Posted by Lostman 5 years ago

Wow, this is great!


Posted by Crazyserpent 5 years ago

How is she doing that with a clothing on? Even her stomach is some how outside of her one pIece suit. Very confused here.


Posted by Starcrossing 5 years ago

It's not visible here, but she has a whole cut out for her belly. You can see it in the character portrait I did of her in my gallery. As for how she's voring with clothes on, the clothing becomes very thong-like in the back, so I just assumed it just sort of slipped to the side during the act.


Posted by eatmeup 5 years ago

That confused me too.


Posted by NekuTheEmo 5 years ago

I'm a willing participant o3o~

Amazing work! ^-^


Posted by Zikio 5 years ago

Breast vore would look nice as well or nipple vore


Posted by giggityman69 5 years ago

This is fantastic :D


Posted by CapinPlanet 5 years ago

Very nice work :D
I really like your style. Cant wait to see more from you


Posted by zeorama 5 years ago

ooh nic, I'm curious though how did she get past the swimsuit strap over her but


Posted by WPBcrazy 5 years ago

can i please be next? o///w///o


Posted by LillyBells 4 years ago

i love it, nice same size vore


Posted by Slimeking 4 years ago



Posted by Pulchritudinous_Cenobite 4 years ago



Posted by ublover1 4 years ago

This dragon is willing me next? hehe


Posted by alexott2121 2 years ago

I'd love to see an update of this. This is by far my favorite piece you've done to date


Posted by Deankingemperor 4 days ago

I am also a vore pred however i prefer oral over anal because anal seems like it is just shitting someone out backwards somehow seriously it seems highly unhealthy and painful for me oral vore is an healthier and safer and painless way to naturally eat someone.
well good job on this drawing.