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Quarrel among Predators (commission) By BIGBIG

Uploaded: 4 years ago

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i had soo much fun making this

thak you Iceninja for commissioning me !!!

and also thanks you icontwisted-melody13 correcting my crappy english :D

so the 2 girls went out at hallowen night with their little brothers to trick or trate ... the girls got hungry at the same time and just found a nice little prey for themselves >:D

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Posted by Mid_Night 4 years ago

and as they fights, the two meals they made out of each other bros digesting in that beautiful bellies of those two chicks.

well I will sit them down and start rubbing their bellies as I calm them down and enjoys their meal (call me bellies peacemaker.) *giggles*

keep them coming I love your arts bigbig.

and maybe one day and i hope soon I will ask for commission of your arts.


Posted by ZeusTheta 4 years ago

Your art is fantastic! I love this!


Posted by LordVIP3R 4 years ago

Another beauty of a pic BigB ;)


Posted by NextBowlMovement 4 years ago

You pushed your limits this time. Great job!


Posted by BIGBIG 4 years ago

there are no limits HA ! :D


Posted by imalive4ever 4 years ago

U never stop amazing me. Well done!


Posted by Firstfate 4 years ago

And now if only a bigger girl in a monster costume would show up... I could just imagine her saying something along the lines of, "Well I've got a solution for the both of you that will make everyone happy." Then she would gobble down both sisters and some sly comment about her meaning the solution would make 'her' happy xD


Posted by BIGBIG 4 years ago

the only problem is these girls are not sisters but great idea xD


Posted by Firstfate 4 years ago

When I refered to them as 'sisters' I was just calling them by what I know they are... meaning that they are bother older sisters, just not related... it was meant to be plural not me calling them actual sisters >.>


Posted by mephistoVII 4 years ago

Great work~! Like how it turned out~ Can't wait to see your next work~!


Posted by Bright 4 years ago

Haha, well this discussion won't go anywhere any time soon, that's for sure.


Posted by Iceninja 4 years ago

Absolutely amazing, Bigbig. Thank you so much for making this.


Posted by BIGBIG 4 years ago

youre very welcome


Posted by joeburp22181 4 years ago

Good work dude!


Posted by Liz 4 years ago

Nice work BB :D
Sexy predators fighting <3


Posted by Vishis 4 years ago

"I have an idea. Let's just go eat each other's parents!"

"I love it! Let's go!"



Posted by BIGBIG 4 years ago

i think that would solwe the problem for the barbarian girl ... but the soldier girl seems to like his little brother so she wants him back ... what now :D


Posted by Soulary 4 years ago

Are they so selfish that both of their brothers will die instead of just releasing each others brothers and walking away? XD


Posted by BIGBIG 4 years ago

they seem to be to "hungry" for leting them go :D


Posted by Soulary 4 years ago

It seems like it's Halloween, isn't there enough candy around that it's not necessary to eat them or be that hungry? XD


Posted by BIGBIG 4 years ago

pffff candys ??? for girls like these ??? hahaha


Posted by Soulary 4 years ago

Well depending on where you are you can get pillow cases of candy XD Also why'd they leave their brothers 'unprotected'?


Posted by Iceninja 4 years ago

They were too busy devouring each other's kid brother to notice what was happening.


Posted by Soulary 4 years ago

Ah good explanation :p Seeing the dynamics of this kind of society would be interesting to say the least XD It'd be cool if there was also an internal view. What do they do to feed themselves on a regular basis then? XD


Posted by Pinhead2212 4 years ago



Posted by TW 4 years ago

You did a great job with this. I find your art style incredible.


Posted by angel2 4 years ago

Little kids won't be safe on Halloween because ladies pred will be around. xD