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Aqua in water park (commission) By BIGBIG

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commission for foducool

non-fatal vore if they want they can just push against her skin and they get out

had a lot of fun doing this one :) but inking and colouring those little people -3- it was hard :D

Aqua belonges to foducool

a littlebit more info about her:

she is an ice rock capable of gathering water and manipulate it at will.
she usually uses her powers to take on a humanoid form (she could take any form, but it's the form she prefers)

In her humanoid form, all of her "skin" is made of water and every other part is made of ice (for example, the hair, the eyebrows, the pupils, the fingernails, the lips, etc. are made of ice), any human trait worth showing is made of ice.

Her core shines more the bigger her water construct is, so it should shine quite a bit.

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Posted by Liz 4 years ago

Just when little Timmy thought it was safe to go to the local pool XD
Big sexy pred <3


Posted by Royal_Starlord 4 years ago

*dives into the vagoooooo~♪♫*


Posted by HitomiBoy 4 years ago

*drool* my god this is amazing <3


Posted by F1reDem0n 4 years ago

*gasps* my god this must have been a pain to draw.



Posted by BIGBIG 4 years ago

not realy ... those lil people sure take some time to line and color them but it was realy fun !!


Posted by F1reDem0n 4 years ago

Oh, I see. Ok. Still, awesome job as usual bigbig. Love this art piece as I do all of yours. :D


Posted by joeburp22181 4 years ago

Lol So Cool!


Posted by Debolte 4 years ago

Wow very nice watery transparence. Very cool idea from the commissionner also. Overall very great, as always :D


Posted by 89gierl 4 years ago

This was very fun to watch you draw, especially given the safe nature, send my reguards to the commissioner.


Posted by scorrius 4 years ago

Interesting concept


Posted by SomeGuy1294 4 years ago

I'd have to bring a scuba-tank so I could stay in there as long as I like without drowning...


Posted by vorelover2 4 years ago

dude that's awesome you do gts vore like no other you actually give the gts a belly and a big one at that


Posted by BIGBIG 4 years ago

I always wanted to see some gts vore with giantic bellyes and there is not much out there ... i m happy to bee the one who does it C:


Posted by HungrySuccubus 4 years ago

This is so cute, oh my god <3 I love it!


Posted by monkeyRLG 4 years ago

ooooh~ awesome..


Posted by Leika 4 years ago

I usually prefer fatal vore, but she looks so beautiful and, well, FUN! Some variety is nice, and it's awesome to see a pred being harmless and innocent yet sexy at the same time.


Posted by Angel 4 years ago

Oh my, very nice. That's one aqua slide I'd take over and over! ^^


Posted by Savagerush012 4 years ago

I'd take a swim in that.


Posted by hinatagiantess 4 years ago

more of this character please


Posted by BIGBIG 4 years ago

ok ... you can ask me for a commission ... but now i m full and bussy with school and work ... but you can write here is the pricing:

Comment deleted by this item's author.


Posted by Mid_Night 4 years ago

and jump into her mouth, I will be happy if they have her in a water park.

however sadly I can not swim *cries*

Michael Palic

Posted by Michael Palic 4 years ago

This is such a fucking great concept.


Posted by Paraffine 4 years ago

Pretty rare idea here.


Posted by Bright 4 years ago

That is such a fun idea.


Posted by Sonicrailin 3 years ago

Now there's a fun concept that would make waterparks richer than any on earth!

Sin-Ju: a definite addition for the castle pool areas . . . I'll get to work on a few of these lovelies right away!