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Happy Easter C:= By BIGBIG -- Report

wanted to do somthing extra for easter because i m not very active latly (school + commissions + personal projects)... so at least somthing like this :3

gona try to be as fast as i can ;) and work somthing finaly on my comicses also

the theme of the image was the idea of  Lady_List
and i also was inspired by a image(pose) from pixiv i belive xI

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Posted by Aelina 6 years ago Report

Somehow, I get the sinking feeling the participants didn't think this would be the contest prize.


Posted by Ezio45 6 years ago Report



Posted by architectap12 6 years ago Report

your art is always amazing, thank you for being awesome!


Posted by Putinforgod 6 years ago Report

And then they gave her a pair of bunnygirl ears and a bunnygirl tail and let her participate.

They decided to call her "Momma Bunnygirl" to avoid any controversy.


Posted by mrcactus747 6 years ago Report

Very nice work! :)


Posted by Nopeitsjustme 6 years ago Report

"Breaths heavily"


Posted by Liz 6 years ago Report

Happy Easter XD - looks like those lovely girls will be a nice Easter treat for the lovely pred.


Posted by Dudeox05 6 years ago Report

Somehow, the girl being AVed seems to be... Somewhat flustered by her predicament. I can't blame her though! xD


Posted by voreboy0329 6 years ago Report

I think we have a winner


Posted by Mid_Night 6 years ago Report

I must say it as I said it before.

Amazing art bigbig.

but I wonder how many girls inside that lady?


Posted by monkeyRLG 6 years ago Report

Great stuff, BB


Posted by Draskghellion 6 years ago Report

Exquisite ! <3


Posted by giggityman69 6 years ago Report

Really great stuff here ;)


Posted by vintious 6 years ago Report

Good stuff.

Posing reminded me of Kiyoa.


Posted by Aesir 6 years ago Report

LOVE it, dude. x3 Excellent work.


Posted by DoubleOSnake 6 years ago Report

Dat AV! Very nice!


Posted by banzai 6 years ago Report

Bunny girl (eating) contest :3

That belly is getting huge :D


Posted by Dudeifail1 6 years ago Report

you're amazing.


Posted by zelphi 6 years ago Report

Happy Easter BB and cool Easter Picture


Posted by GreenEyedMonster 6 years ago Report

hey man, love your work.. but dont stress, if it means patiently waiting for a well defined and thought of masterpiece.. its worth the wait... dont rush any artwork pal.. youre great.


Posted by Hereforvore 6 years ago Report

Seems like any ordinary day at my school :)


Posted by LizAndFrankie 1 year ago Report

OMG, that bunnygirl's face peeping out of her ass! Such an exquisite expression. Fantastic job as usual, BigBig! ^^ --L&F


Posted by dominate9000 1 year ago Report

i wonder what her lie was to make them come over to her?