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Hiphugger at the Park(F/F)(remake) By BIGBIG

Uploaded: 4 years ago

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Orginal piece --->
from  Art$savage

Hiphugger belongs to Hiphugger

inspired by his awsome piece i wanted to remade it in my own style also ... hope you gona like it ... all the layout and text is based on his work

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Posted by noisekeeper 4 years ago

Hmmmm I think I'm going to go with the F/F version.

I always prefer it when a lovely pred belches out a nice wet pair of panties!


Posted by RavenXeo 4 years ago

With you 100%~


Posted by Lady_List 4 years ago

Panty belches are amazing~ o3o


Posted by Monopolus 4 years ago

You always do the most amazing remakes. Still one of my favorite artists on the site.


Posted by Bellotor 4 years ago



Posted by razorbacknod 4 years ago

Loved the original and I love the remake. ^^

Excellent work BB.


Posted by NekoYuki 4 years ago

this one isn't so cute, but more sexy~

though the blush on her face kinda looks sunburnt on the first because it's across all her face rather than the cheeks


Posted by TW 4 years ago

Great job. Well done.

The K

Posted by The K 4 years ago

There's nothing about this picture that I don't like. It's perfect.


Posted by razorbacknod 4 years ago

Noticed in this one that Huphugger doesn't have a neck in the final image. xD


Posted by BIGBIG 4 years ago

nope ... shes got its just hided behind her hair ... but already fixed it because somone also noticed it xD


Posted by GenesisTerra 4 years ago

"Can you teach me to do that?"

The best response to a vorish situation ever!

(For the record, I totally need to take this idea and make a half-finished story out of it xP Vore training!)


Posted by BIGBIG 4 years ago

the idea is from Art$savage so dont forget that when you write the storry


Posted by Art$avage 4 years ago

Very nicely done!
Your style works well for her character, and it's cool to see it re-done in color. I also like the more 'human' facial style you gave them, compared to the anime 'stock face reactions' I used.


Posted by BIGBIG 4 years ago

thanx :)


Posted by Art$avage 4 years ago

Oh, I almost forgot:


Posted by BIGBIG 4 years ago



Posted by AdjectiveNounCombo 4 years ago

Nice revamp.


Posted by jake110 4 years ago

any chance of a follow up comic of when one of the other girls try to bully her? :D

really good work regardless :)


Posted by Liz 4 years ago

I see I see well done Big Big <3
F/F F/M for both fans and Liz who likes both ideas XD <3


Posted by Pixel 4 years ago

Oh please let there be a training the girl to vore followup.


Posted by robdee111 4 years ago

Draw her teaching the girl! :D Or the little girl eating her! XD


Posted by CaptainSwindle 4 years ago

Everyone's rooting for her to be taught but man that girl just has 'seconds' written all over her.


Posted by softvore001 4 years ago

id like to see the little girl ear her


Posted by hypatioss 3 years ago

A sequel of this ? that is he going to happen with the little girl?