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DoodleBlog By Kiyoa -- Report

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Uh, hey all. Been a while. Hope you had a happy holiday season.

Anyway, I suppose it's time to type up a little bit since this is kind of a blog bit; unfortunately I have not been able to do much vore art. This is probably going to continue.

Firstly I'm attempting to pursue art as a career; of course I could do commissions or pay content related to vore, so this is more a complicating factor.

Secondly, as a result of the first I haven't had a lot of time to do vore related art since much of my time drawing has been spent on "serious" works.

Thirdly, there's the a slightly more serious complicating factor in that I make my vore stuff different from my serious works; mostly this is an annoyance but it is kind of a pain to try and reach back and produce a piece as if it were snapshot of my works from a couple years earlier.

Finally and most importantly, I'm... kinda out of ideas. When I try drawing vore I keep feeling like I'm treading old ground, which, even though I can't deny I'm still a voraphile, makes drawing vore less attractive.

Anyway, sorry for the wall of text.

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Posted by SuperSpaceZone 6 years ago Report

It's really understandable. If you want to pursue art professionally, you should totally focus on that! Unfortunately vore art can be a limiting subject so how you feel is totally reasonable. I wish you the best in your career!


Posted by Kiyoa 6 years ago Report

Thank ye. Sorry I don't have more to show.


Posted by SuperSpaceZone 6 years ago Report

There's honestly no pressure. You've provided a ton of really high quality content for absolutely free.


Posted by IndifferentEmpath 6 years ago Report

Yay a Kiyoa post. Have you tried drawing vore with your new serious style and just found it doesn't work? Love your work either way, good luck with whatever you do.


Posted by Kiyoa 6 years ago Report

Well, it's reall a less "does this work" and more an anonymity issue. I actually haven't tried it though. Hmmm...


Posted by almindore58 6 years ago Report

I'm glad u have serious art as a back-up, but while vore art is repetitive, the characters themselves might bring something that seems new, like preys being preds


Posted by HeroSoulSword 6 years ago Report

Your situation is understandable. Feeling the need to pursue a professional art career is a noble endeavor, and with your skills, you could do really well. I can also understand why you want to keep the two (vore and serious) separate, as you don't want one to hinder the other and vice versa, but it can be a pain to do, as they will, regardless influence each other in one form or another.

Moving on, vore can be limited in scenarios, as they will repeat and/or overlap at least once in a while, so it can be hard to keep the ideas "fresh" and new. A lot about creative work is that it takes time, inspiration, and drive to accomplish, so creative work isn't easy. Sometimes it happens without much effort, and sometimes it can take forever to think of something worthwhile.

In any case, I wish you well on whatever path you take. With your skill level, you'll be fine, and we'll always be here for you in case you need a break.


Posted by Kiyoa 6 years ago Report

Well, yeah. Kinda hard to avoid leaving behind your artistic fingerprints; I'm pretty sure any artist familiar with both my aliases could recognize that "we" are the same artist... especially since MetalForever already sussed me out.

But yeah, the biggest problem is that I'm just lacking in fresh ideas.


Posted by RavenXeo 6 years ago Report

<3 its beautiful....and worth a loud glurgle *hugs* hope you feel better bout your arting situation..


Posted by Kiyoa 6 years ago Report

Just stuck in a rut, in terms of vore art. Haven't been able to get out of it. My "serious" stuff is flourishing at least.


Posted by RavenXeo 6 years ago Report

Well, rock on in whatever manner you need<3


Posted by Aikahime 6 years ago Report

It's sad to hear that an artist, especially one as talented as you, is mostly dropping vore, but it's also very nice to see you graduating onto more serious things, and I'm very happy to hear that, at least


Posted by Kiyoa 6 years ago Report

Sorry, just got to go for broke =(


Posted by Bright 6 years ago Report

I have seen your non-vore stuff and it is pretty good.

I don't have any good suggestions on how to make vore original. I mean, they mostly end up in the same place anyway.

Usually the means of variations can be in the interaction of the characters before they get eaten, in what method they are eaten and what happens afterwards.


Posted by Kiyoa 6 years ago Report

Yeah, that's basically the problem in a nutshell.


Posted by JackJackal 6 years ago Report

Hope all works out for you!

And ohh lala ass first! <3


Posted by Kiyoa 6 years ago Report

Thank you. Also, ooh lala indeed, heh.


Posted by Kaede 6 years ago Report

Really glad to see some activity from you in any case. You've always been one of my favorite artists around here.


Posted by Kiyoa 6 years ago Report

Thanks =)


Posted by HitomiBoy 6 years ago Report

Good to hear from you. You should do whatever you feel is your best interest. Im sure lots of people here would be happy if you continued your vore art, but what matters is what you want. Go be you, and if you ever get the urge to doodle something up, you'll know where we are ;3


Posted by Kiyoa 6 years ago Report

Well, kinda the idea. Thanks; I'll put stuff up when I can.


Posted by GenesisTerra 6 years ago Report

Thank you so much for the update! You are undoubtedly one of my favorite artists, and it's nice to know that you're at least still out there!

And at least as far as I'm concerned, I'm just as happy with a personal text-only update to know that you're still out there and still doing arts (even if not vorish ones!). Do what you want, whether it's what we want or not. Follow your passions!


Posted by Kiyoa 6 years ago Report

Eh, I really prefer to at least provide a little more, especially with how little I post.


Posted by leader0000 6 years ago Report

Good for you. I wish you the best in what ever you want to pursue.


Posted by Kiyoa 6 years ago Report

Thank you =)


Posted by Journeyman 6 years ago Report

Happy New Year!
Glad to hear that you're making progress on the serious side of the arts :) And dontcha worry about vore art/ideas. They'll come if they come, and you're got plenty else to keep ya busy!


Posted by Kiyoa 6 years ago Report



Posted by Leshana 6 years ago Report

I love how deep the acids are in this one.


Posted by Kiyoa 6 years ago Report

Like a tingly, squishy jaccuzi just barely big enough for one, heh


Posted by Elle 6 years ago Report

Still love your works, and I'm as glad as ever to see another piece from you. Hope things keep going well for you in the professional world, even if that means you won't be here too much! =3


Posted by Kiyoa 6 years ago Report

Thanks, Elle =)


Posted by Heady9 6 years ago Report

Gotta agree with the people above, gotta do whats best for you, and glad to see you are trying to do arts for a living, especially with how good you are ^^ Wish I knew a way to support you more in the serious art world as well ^^;


Posted by Bledric 6 years ago Report

It's good to hear from you again, and what you do with your time is your own choice. To suggest otherwise would be silly. Just know I find your art to be amazing, and I hope you find success in what your doing now.


Posted by ElectronGun 6 years ago Report

It is great to see more of your work. I wish you luck in making a living from your art work.

What you do is up to you, but I know that you would make many of us happy if you continue to grace us with your art.

As for new content here are a couple of ideas:

You could do commissions as requests...IE someone types up a description of what they would like to request you draw as a commission. If you like what they wrote then you accept their commission and carry it out as a commission. If you don't like it then you can ignore it and prevent your self from being obligated to do something that seems boring/repetitive.

If you have the time, then it might be worth reading in the forums here or posting a thread looking for new ideas. There are plenty of writers here and other such creative people who can't draw or lack the time to learn how to draw vore well (count me among the latter).

One thought on keeping the styles of your work here separate from your other works. Perhaps using different tools will cause a shift in style. The technique effects the final result, and different tools require different techniques.
For example I draw different with a pen than with a pencil because the drag of the tip is different which causes me to react differently.

Take care. We'll be here whenever you feel like coming.


Posted by Aickavon12 6 years ago Report

You're in quite the delimma eh? Well I personally say if vore art looks less attractive and professional artwork is taking your time, focus on the professional art :) Why? Because it pays more first of all and if you're not inspired for vore, why draw vore? XD

I'm sure you'll come up with inspiration when the time strikes, and if it doesn't, that's alright, you're an amazing person who already gave us more than most would.


Posted by RandomSpectator 5 years ago Report

Could someone please color this?