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Steamy Pheromones By FidchellVore -- Report

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Seara the Salazzle luring you into her gut, whether you like it or not.. the chemicals have already taken effect~

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 2 years ago Report

Noooo problem


Posted by DissociatedChaos 2 years ago Report

That be the chemicals talking!
:V And I'm sticking to that excuse as I waltz in. <3


Posted by Royal_Starlord 2 years ago Report

Jokes on her. I'm wearing a magical antacid amulet. =w=


Posted by DoctorDischord 2 years ago Report

If she can poison a Steel Type I'm sure your amulet isn't gonna do much...Acid IS a poison move after all~!


Posted by Royal_Starlord 2 years ago Report

Fuk me. :V


Posted by DoctorDischord 2 years ago Report

How lewd


Posted by FriendlyDemon 2 years ago Report

But what if its a Steel/Poison type. Double immunity!!!


Posted by DoctorDischord 2 years ago Report

Her ability don't care if it's Arceus itself, she's gonna poison it.


Posted by JacktheDragon 2 years ago Report

I cannot resist this is just to good and also kinda tempting but still amazing nonetheless...hehe.


Posted by Emi 2 years ago Report

Looks hot! Wonder why uvula is not seen :P


Posted by MellowYellow 2 years ago Report

The uvula is not seen because salamanders don't have uvulas and it's name comes from a combonation of slamander and dazzle


Posted by Zack10RVB 1 year ago Report

Because reptiles don’t have one


Posted by Sirjj25 2 years ago Report

I dont understand why it took so long for art of her. I knew since the trailer came out she was great for vore and more


Posted by DoctorDischord 2 years ago Report

Y'know, I've been following you for a while. And indeed I love your stuff. A lot. But of all the things I've seen from you outside of a few select sequences...this has got to be my favorite thing you've made. And bar none my favorite single image. Thank you for this wonderful work of art, and I'd gladly step inside!


Posted by Jayezox 2 years ago Report

On the night I read Sylveon's Sun pokedex entry and find out they do the same thing.


Posted by Randomnessisbae 2 years ago Report

Saw this coming, and I like where it's heading.


Posted by ProtocolARC 2 years ago Report

Salazzle is the runaway best new pokemon of the sun and moon generation, excellent work as always Fidchell.


Posted by DarkPinkie 2 years ago Report

Oh wow... This is me during my nomzlocke vs the Totem Salazzle. Great work. My poor miltank, salandit, and Sylveon already gurgling in there waiting for me to join them.

Though the Totem Wishi-Washy nearly got me as well but... Whatevs.


Posted by HungryScorpion 2 years ago Report

Veeeeerrrryyyyy convincing :p


Posted by MirceaKitsune 2 years ago Report

Such gorgeous view <3


Posted by lewajet 2 years ago Report

No problem here the moaw coloer is a bit off its should be the same shade of pink as the rest of her other than that awesome work as always


Posted by isjor1 2 years ago Report

No need to tell me I volunteered


Posted by Luffredd 2 years ago Report

I've been trying to find a Salandit for about 2 hours now. only males show up :( i found one female and tried to weaken her, but i got a crit and i cried


Posted by eatmeplease 2 years ago Report

Pheromones or not, that maw is so inviting~


Posted by Kitsouille 2 years ago Report

Love the tongue and maw :3


Posted by xLuckyxShadowx 1 year ago Report

just love how you drew her <3 hope you draw more :3 <3