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Hot,Hungry,Jungle Fury! By brainstorm -- Report

Uploaded: 2 years ago

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Animation i comisisoned from sidymet.

Hehehe thought they done but got more animations ont he way guys.

This one has no trash eating, so relax.

Ps, this long one!

So what got going on here.

Guy explores island where monsterous females dwell of all shapes in sizes.

In search for legendary tribe of super human amazon jungle girls, to discover how they able survive such hostile enviroment surrouded by such horrors, which soon discover by the end this.

He should been bit more conspicous as some very big and hungry chicks on this island.

As one reptillian giant female makes her presscene known with intent eat him, she dwarfed by giantess who soon makes snack of her.

with intention doing same to him, as chase commences he soon cornered, and captured due to size.

He toyed and teased she licks him all over scaring shit out him, he screams out in panic.

Ironically this scream alerts the subject of search one super human jungle girls who lays beat down on big bitch rescusing the guy.

However, not over yet as exercise made her hungry she amazes the dude she wolfs, shlumps and gobbles down giant mammarian monstress with ease!

Who wakes up tries struggle futility.

Only get sucked and shlumped down into tummy.

She soon turned to some sexy curves, with the guy gasping in disbelif what fuck he just saw.

Unfortunately, being 1 few guys on this island, she soon takes liking to him and claims him for self.

Taking back to village for some snu snu, resitance is futile, but oh well at least found what looking for lol!

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Posted by Jacquelope 2 years ago Report

Advice for everyone: the instant you see the first giantess, RUN and find cover! Stay quiet and lay low!


Posted by mirrormind101 2 years ago Report

I don't think she can digest me.

98% of my body is metal and my brain is in an adamantium case so yeah.


Posted by DanzoLegend 2 years ago Report

Super awesome! great job! i need to learn animation again one day!


Posted by brainstorm 2 years ago Report

need thank sidyneymt not me lol he follows my uploads.

I just flipped the funds to make it.


Posted by DrCaius 2 years ago Report

Thanks for commissioning and sharing it though, very cool of you buddy.


Posted by Hax999 2 years ago Report

Oh man i never felt so excited in my life. This was so cute!!!!


Posted by anthony050 2 years ago Report

That was cute <3


Posted by LastRider100 2 years ago Report

Hahahahahaa! Just when you think it's over, another thing happens!


Posted by chaos12 2 years ago Report

Great job. OwO


Posted by mirrormind101 2 years ago Report



Posted by algog8 2 years ago Report

I wish the Giant grabbed hold to her friends, who in turn grabbed onto trees/everyone else and they all went down in one gulp,


Posted by supersain04 1 year ago Report

i honestly never thought about this but what would happen if some one vored a person who can regenrate like deadpool of cell or even a majin or wolverene.


Posted by fja339 11 months ago Report

"No trash eating"

Awww, darn