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Ottergal (April) By incendiumursa -- Report

What a long time coming this has been. I present to you, April! I chose to name her after the month I started this project. I've grown pretty attached to her, but the point of this was to make a character as a community, so it seems most fitting to give her back to a member of that community.
I put a lot of work into this character and if you've enjoyed her creation as well, feel free to donate! It really helps me out and ensures I can keep doing things like this ^u^

To be eligible for the giveaway, you must have participated in at least one of the votes and leave a comment below.

There are 3 ways to get entries into the giveaway:

Leave a comment: 1 entry (max 1)
Donate: Every $2 donated grants +1 entry, be sure to notify me if you have donated so I can add your extra entries!
Donation Jar
Vote: Leave anyone else's username in a comment to give them +1 entry! You can nominate as many people as you'd like.

Drawing will occur on December 31st at midnight!

And again, thank you all so much for making this happen. April wouldn't exist without help from all of you.

NSFW Reference page here!

And the winner, by virture of the mighty

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Posted by deathknight 1 year ago Report

She looks awesome and adorable.


Posted by TheAllSeeingEye 1 year ago Report

<3 ///// <3


Posted by Novalori 1 year ago Report

As someone who is also Canadian- I approve of the Canadian otter


Posted by Camlio420 1 year ago Report

This is cool! I love the fact she is at last complete!


Posted by Darklordtheo 1 year ago Report

That's quite a cute otter gal~


Posted by Zephyr42 1 year ago Report

Well, here's my entry.


Posted by Bright 1 year ago Report

Cure character.


Posted by Thefoxcyan 1 year ago Report

Congratulations on finishing her, she looks great


Posted by Terrafox 1 year ago Report

I'll give it a try


Posted by deadpoolfan 1 year ago Report

oh, just realized i missed this post. anyway, it's great to see her finally completed :D


Posted by Shortpig 1 year ago Report

Welp. I've never been too much of a content creator, certainly nothing (so far) made when it comes to vorish works that've been published here, but I've enough confidence in myself to say that our cute community creation would get some interesting appearances in the future if placed in my hands by the Random Number Generator gods.

Really, though, all I want to see is SOME kind of future appearance. I've grown attached to this otter over some seven months since voting started, with around thirty polls, quizzes, and weird systems for personality that I still don't quite undetstand. For all of that, I just don't want to see (Or not see at all) the character disappear silently to sit at the bottom of someone's list of roleplaying characters, left unused next to a few other seldomly used alts.

Hence, why I'm throwing in my ballot at the last minute: with so few people voting, the chance of this character vanishing is... quite high. Better to cast a vote or two against that than to do nothing. Speaking of multiple votes, I'll go ahead and be the first person to nominate another: Bright commented here, surprisingly. While I'd not have expected him to want the character, I'm sure that if he does, he's some sort of plan for it, given his half of a decade record of producing content as ravenously as the average person around here consumes it (...or consumes each other.)

Regardless of how this goes, I'm certain that it's been quite the fun trip - it's about the journey and not the destination, after all, despite my own hopes that the journey isn't quite over yet. It'd quite the conclusion to both this character and the year it was made in, after all. Here's hoping that both the upcoming new vote, new character, and new year are just as good... if not better~