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They got their first warning just before dawn. The Japanese Defense Force had picked up something on the Prince Akihito Early Warning SONAR at five. It didn’t seem especially enormous, just fourteen stories. Still, that was very big. Probably a kaiju. Well worth sending a few ships out to track.

Just as the sun was coming up, five ships had raced southwards. The good news was this creature was going to miss Tokyo (th

The next morning, Jess pulled herself awake.  The brunette with the brown mouse ears reached up to rub her eyes, her other hand still on her stomach.  The swell had dropped in the night, and her stomach was no longer aching with too much cheese.  However, now it was her back that ached.  As she carefully made her way up on her feet, she arched her back.  She kept this up for a few moments, then she started to walk off into the forest.


“Watterson?  WATTERSON!”

The cat-eared man jerked his head off of his desk.  Almost instantly, he pushed himself out of his chair, away from his red-headed, scowly neko supervisor.  “Sir!” Alex Watterson squeaked as he clumsily forced himself onto his feet.  “What do you need, sir?”

Sir wasn’t pleased.  “Firstly, I need you to stay awake!  Secondly, I ne

Super Sonico couldn’t believe it.  Two years ago, First Astronomical Velocity had sold its first gold album, and the Internet had taken notice.  Last year, the next album had gone platinum, and all of Japan started clamoring for them to play in their home town.  Then, almost two weeks ago, they had gotten a call that all of them had trouble wrapping their heads around: a venue in Korea wanted them to play for them.  Two hours ago, they had wrapped up a concert that had

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THank you for the watch

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Thank you for the fave, it's much appreciated, friend!


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Thank you kindly for the watch! :) I appreciate it!


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Thanks for the watch!

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Posted by redgirl 3 years ago Report

thanks for the watch !


Posted by usatsuki 4 years ago Report

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Posted by AlimentaryArtist 4 years ago Report

Thanks for watching, I hope you continue to enjoy the art!


Posted by KarmaticF8 5 years ago Report

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Nothing really, just a really good story in my eyes


Posted by CrossbreedPriscilla 5 years ago Report

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No probs, hoping to see more stories from you.


Posted by Sunkissedlover 5 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch hun!

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Posted by PedVerse 5 years ago Report

THanks for the watch <33


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Thanks a bunch for the watch! It's greatly appreciated. :D

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